About In Between the Food

Hello lovelies! Welcome to a Harrogate lifestyle blog written by a self-professed lover of writing, Instagram, and all things food (& wine & gin & cocktails).

As a 24-year old Content & Social Media Executive, it was a natural fit to gather all that I know about blogging for brands, and put it into a blog of my very own – and voila, In Between the Food was born!

What does In Between the Food bring to the table?

The beauty of blogging is that each blogger brings something new to the table. I love reading the blogs of others and I find them a great source of inspiration for not only new things to try, but also for creativity and style. No person’s experience or opinion is exactly the same and that means there is room for all. In Between the Food is a Harrogate lifestyle blog that allows me to share great experiences, places, and styles that might even inspire others.

As well as having a great (and possibly unhealthy) interest in fashion, beauty, travel, and food & drink in general – I also love trying out and supporting local Yorkshire businesses. I live near to Harrogate, which is a small town with a big sense of community. Bursting with many fantastic independent businesses, I have soon realised how rewarding it is to support these local brands. It’s this love that features heavily on In Between the Food – it would be rude to try a great new restaurant and not share the experience with others, right? And if supporting local places means trying lots of lovely local food and drink, I’m definitely onboard…

In Between the Food?

For anyone wondering about the name of the blog, In Between the Food, basically, I eat… a lot. For anyone and everyone who knows me, I’m always hungry and always eating (I have a bad reputation for getting hangry, but I like to think of it as some extra sass). As a result, anything on this blog is in between me eating food. It therefore seemed like an apt name for this space.