5 Gins You Need to Try – Gin Recommendations

5 Gins You Need to Try – Gin Recommendations

There are many things I love in this world, and gin is at the very top of the list. Feeling tired after a long day? Pour a gin. Meeting friends for a few drinks? One double G&T, please. Saturday evening at home? That gin has my name on it. Okay, I’m sounding like I sort of have a problem here, but I promise I drink responsibly… most of the time.

I’m currently only a few years into my lifelong mission of trying and enjoying as many gins as possible, but I’ve tried and tested a few that I always find myself choosing when ordering at the bar. For my fellow gin-drinkers, of which I know there are many of you, I wanted to do a roundup of 5 of, in my opinion, some of the best-tasting gins that you need to try.

So, grab yourself a G&T – it would be rude not to – and let’s get cracking!


1. Malfy’s Sicilian Pink Grapefruit

Malfy Sicilian Pink Grapefruit Gin

This drink sounds like summer, and it sure tastes like it too. This gorgeous Italian gin is full of flavour and strikes a perfect balance between sweet and zesty. All of its ingredients are sourced from the Mediterranean and will make you feel like you’re there too! It’s also very reasonably priced compared to many good gins on the market, so it’s a great choice if you’re looking to introduce a new gin to your collection!


2. Harrogate Gin

Harrogate Gin Recommendation

So, believe it or not, there was a time I didn’t think I liked gin. Crazy, I know (turned out I didn’t like the tonic that many places used to serve but here we are). Anyway, it got to the start of gin taking over the world a few years ago and my Mum and I decided to give it a go with a gin tasting at West Park Hotel in Harrogate. A few local gin brands were there, and Harrogate Tipple was one of them.

By jove, their premium Harrogate Gin is one of my absolute favourites. It’s the smoothest, cleanest tasting gin I have ever tried. I know both of those descriptive words sound bizarre for a gin, but you’ll completely understand when you try it. There’s no bitter or strong after taste at all, and apparently this is due to the fact that the gin is distilled in copper as opposed to steel, which is the norm with most other brands. They have their original flavour, but the blueberry and gooseberry flavours are also delicious.


3. Sainsbury’s Pomegranate and Rose Gin

Sainsbury's Pomegranate and Rose Gin

I did a campaign with Sainsbury’s last summer and had the opportunity to try their Blackfriar’s Pomegranate and Rose gin and I must say, it’s one of the nicest gin flavours I have tried. It’s delicate, floral and sweet, but not too floral, by any means. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and flavour of this spirit. It’s part of the supermarket’s Taste the Difference range, but in all honesty, I would never have thought to pick it up if I hadn’t worked on a campaign with them. But I’m so glad I did, and I wouldn’t hesitate to buy it again once my bottle runs out!

The sweet, floral flavour goes with any tonic, but it’s also delicious with Fentimans’ Rose Lemonade. It sounds a bit rogue with the double rose, but it’s honestly gorgeous. This gin definitely worth a try and super affordable compared to other staple gin brands!


4. Slingsby’s Rhubarb Gin

Slingsby's Rhubarb G

… or Gooseberry, or marmalade. All of the gin offerings from Slinsby’s are fantastic and one I will go to over and over again. Slinsgby are a local Harrogate brand distilling delicious gins, but the brand has built a reputable name for itself far beyond the realms of Yorkshire! Their Rhubarb flavour is a classic, but all of their gins are delicious. The Rhubarb gin is subtly sweet with a slightly bitter taste from its grapefruit and citrus undertones. Paired with Fever Tree’s Elderflower tonic, it’s a super refreshing drink for the perfect G&T!


5. Whitley Neil’s Rhubard and Ginger Gin


This gin recommendation is a firm favourite for many people who have tried it, but if you haven’t, you won’t be disappointed. I’m so confident in Whitley Neil’s Rhubarb and Ginger gin that I actually encouraged one lady to try it when she was stuck between trying the Whitley Neil and an alternative at a bar. She went with my recommendation and thanked me for it later, so I think it’s safe for me to say that it’s a gin for everyone…

It’s sweet, sweeter than most flavoured gins, and has a delightful light and fruity flavour. It’s fantastic paired with a Fever Tree Ginger Ale, but is complemented by pretty much any tonic!


And there you have it, my gin recommendations! Do you have any gin recommendations for me?! Please do let me know! You know, for research purposes…


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