Best Food Experiences of 2019 Roundup

Best Food Experiences of 2019 Roundup

What. A. Year. I had high hopes for 2019, and it hasn’t disappointed! One aspect that I certainly succeeded in, was continuing my foodie journey to try as much nice food, and visit as many new food places, as my time and bank balance could possibly allow.

Many people reflect on the achievements they’ve had throughout the year, but I’m reflecting on the amazing food I’ve tried and would recommend to anyone – so I’ve put them into a blog post for all of you to see! (WARNING: lots of calories incoming).


round-pushpin-messengerChophaus – Oakwood, Leeds

Sunday Dinner at Chophaus

My most recent and impressive foodie experiences took place at Chophaus in Leeds. Chophaus is a newly opened steakhouse ticking all of the boxes – interior, menu, flavour, service. You’ll be won over by their Instagram feed before you even step foot into the restaurant, and their impressionable branding is only strengthened even further by the whole restaurant experience. We tried their beef Sunday roast and it’s definitely up there with one of the best restaurant roasts I’ve ever had the blessing of trying! It’s the perfect place for a date night or celebratory meal, so if you’re looking for restaurant inspiration in the new year, get this on your list.


round-pushpin-messengerMowgli Street Food – Liverpool

Mowgli Street Food in Liverpool

Indian food lovers – listen up. If you’re after some authentic Indian food in a great restaurant with a fantastic buzz, Mowglis is the one for you. We were recommended to visit here back in November, and we’ve been raving about it ever since. The idea behind the Mowgli brand is to bring authentic Indian home cooking and street food to UK cities. To get the most out of the experience, they recommend ordering a variety of plates to try, with each coming as and when they are ready. The spice, the flavours, the restaurant itself and the prices all make Mowglis a super special foodie experience.


round-pushpin-messengerThe Florist – Liverpool

The Florist in Liverpool

I don’t know what it is about the combination of brunch and flowers being so great, but it makes me pretty damn happy. The Florist is the most beautiful, floral, feminine bar and restaurant serving delicious food and bottomless brunches. I knew it would be impressive based on my standard Instagram-stalking, but it’s even more magical in real life! From hanging floral displays to neon signs and quaint bicycles, the decor is top notch and so is their menu! I mean, Nutella French Toast. What’s not to love!


round-pushpin-messengerThe Wild Plum – Harrogate

The Wild Plum Cafe in Harrogate

On the topic of brunch and flowers, it would be rude not to mention The Wild Plum, which frequent readers of my blog and Instagram will know as one of my most favourite Harrogate eats! The Wild Plum re-opened earlier this year after their Wild and Restyled refurbishment, and the new space now reflects the delicious floral and natural menu. If you’re looking for a unique menu and combination of flavours, but still get your pancake or waffle fix for brunch, I cannot recommend The Wild Plum enough!


round-pushpin-messengerBox and Barber – Newquay, Cornwall

Box and Barber Newquay

There’s a visible running theme with this food roundup, and that’s brunch. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, brunch is one of mankind’s best inventions – spoken by a true foodie.

The combination of soaking up the summer sun, smelling the scent of the salty sea as you listen to the waves, watching surfers pass by (not in a creepy way, obv), the delicious menu items and even more delicious coffees makeĀ Box and Barber a rather special Cornwall cafe. It’s the perfect place to start your day in Newquay, in casual surroundings with delicious food.

Gin Fashionista X Espresso Mr Martini-6

This best food of 2019 roundup could seriously go on forever, in fact, I might as well write a book. However, I want to keep it short and sweet and concentrate on the food places that immediately spring to mind when I’m thinking of the past year! If you’re visiting Yorkshire, Liverpool or Cornwall in the new year, hopefully I’ve provided you with a little food inspiration.




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