A Foodie’s Guide to Breakfast in Harrogate

A Foodie’s Guide to Breakfast in Harrogate

Taking it back to the beginning of this blog and the creation of this little online space, I was inspired to create it with the purpose of recording my foodie ventures around Yorkshire and offering my advice on some of my favourite eateries. I have somewhat of a reputation for always eating out and that’s not because I’m lazy when it comes to cooking (I mean, I am lazy when it comes to cooking, but that’s not the point – okay), but I just love good food.

Part of the reason I love going out to eat so much is that we’re pretty spoilt when it comes to food establishments in Harrogate. There’s a fantastic balance of gorgeous independents and our favourite bigger brands, and it becomes far too tempting to treat yourself. Hey, life’s too short to deprive.

One thing I’d like to say is that I’m such a breakfast person. I live for breakfast. I absolutely cannot relate to people that skip breakfast because I would be a hangry and extremely unsatisfied monster if I did the same. I’m lucky, then, that Harrogate has some brilliant breakfast places to choose from; all of which offer something amazing to myself and my fellow foodies!

I’ve created this guide to offer my advice on some of the best breakfast places in Harrogate (in my opinion), which I’m sure I will add to as I slowly eat my way through this small town! Sit back, grab a cuppa, and prepare to drool…


Hoxton North

Breakfast at Hoxton North Harrogate

The breakfast at Hoxton North in Harrogate is so great that I had a photo of its french toast as my phone wallpaper for approx. 6 months. Hoxton is a gorgeous little London-style (hence the name) independent café at the bottom of Coldbath Road. It’s a hub for young creatives, couples, families, dog walkers, and pretty much everyone and anyone you can think of.

Unless you’re there midweek, you’ll never see it with more than a table free. I’ve often queued up before it’s open but it’s well worth waiting for. They’re a super casual eatery with a lovely breakfast menu, and the coffee is second to none. The hot chocolate is pretty great too… or so I’ve heard…


The Wild Plum

Harrogate Breakfast at The Wild Plum
Image from @thewildplumharrogate on Instagram

Previously named as the most Instagrammable Brunch in Harrogate (by myself), The Wild Plum is definitely one of the best breakfast places in Harrogate, even Yorkshire, perhaps. It’s unlike anywhere else I’ve ever been to and no one I know has ever been anything other than seriously impressed after a visit there.

The Wild Plum is a gorgeous café above a dress shop, Snooty Frox. It’s a family business headed by chef, Bethany, who is beyond talented when it comes to amazing flavour and colour combinations. All of their menu items are sprinkled with gorgeous edible flowers and greenery, and their portion sizes will not disappoint. Their famous waffles and pancakes are unlike anything you will ever try – trust me!


The Ivy

The Ivy Harrogate Breakfast
Image from @ivyharrogate on Instagram

Harrogate welcomed The Ivy a couple of years ago and it fit straight into this lovely spa town. The Ivy brand is well-known and likely a brand you have heard of before. It’s a lovely slice of affordable luxury for any visit, and a gorgeous breakfast option in the centre of Harrogate. The glamorous interior is made all of the more special with traditional and delicious breakfast items. From the traditional Eggs Benedict to Buttermilk Pancakes – The Ivy is a fantastic breakfast place in Harrogate!



Breakfast at Bettys in Harrogate

I mean, can there be a breakfast guide to Harrogate without a recommendation of Bettys? I think not. Bettys is Harrogate, it’s a huge part of this town’s identity and for good reason! It’s a popular spot for tourists but an equally popular choice for loyal locals. Breakfast at Bettys is iconic and you can choose everything from a traditional English Breakfast to their gorgeous pastries with a pot of lovely Bettys tea!

Alternatively, if you fancy a breakfast of champions, treat yourself to Afternoon Tea.



Breakfast in Harrogate
Baltzersens is a wonderful Scandinavian-inspired café serving gorgeous hot food and out-of-this-world (and new) tarts! Their fresh ingredients are used to shape unique and tasty food items, and if you fancy a coffee and a gorgeous cinnamon swirl or sweet treat for breakfast, this is the perfect place to do so for a catch up with friends or family. They also have serve impressive waffles that I’m dying to try!

Having recently extended their café, there’s now even more room to sit and enjoy their offerings. Their outside benches also give you the opportunity to soak up the sun whilst enjoying your Harrogate breakfast. Quick, though, their tarts fly out fast!


Manna bakery

Breakfast at Manna Bakery in Harrogate
Photo from @mannabakeryharrogate

Resident on Coldbath Road, Manna Bakery recently extended its premises to a few doors down from its original location, transforming their grab ‘n go bakery to a lovely cafe. Manna Bakery have the best fresh produce and exciting breakfast menu items – the smell of freshly-baked bread and brownies hits you before you even walk through the door!

They have their own take on a few breakfast classics, and the flavours definitely don’t fall short. If you fancy something a little different from your average Eggs Benedict, Manna Bakery is a fantastic breakfast place in Harrogate!




Breakfast at Weetons is fantastic if you fancy a mooch around its lovely food hall, or quite like to people watch when eating some breakfast and overlooking the stray. It offers great, locally-sourced and delicious food offerings, and you’ll likely want to pick up some goodies from their shop for your weekend indulgences! It’s just too tempting. The menu items are hearty and traditional, offering everything from a sausage sandwich to a full English.

And there you have it, my roundup of some of the best breakfast places in Harrogate! You’re pretty spoilt for choice, and I’d highly recommend all of those mentioned above! Let me know if you give any of them a try.

Brb, just going to indulge in some food…


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