Aveda Damage Remedy Collection: A Review

Aveda Damage Remedy Collection: A Review

So guys, let’s talk about my hair journey. After continuously dyeing my hair for many, many years, and often using bleach techniques in the process, I’ve had to start taking better care of my hair. Although the dyeing was always done by a professional, it was only natural that the process would start to take its toll and do some damage – and boy, did it!

It got to the point where my ends were so dead they they felt like elastic; gross, I know. I made the decision to chop half of it off a few years ago in a bid to get my hair feeling healthy again, and I’ve been vowing to take better care of it ever since! If you dye your hair often or use a lot of heat during styling, you’ve likely had a similar experience to me at some point or another, where you realise that you need to take more care.

I now pay far more attention to the products I use on my hair, and I no longer go for high street products with the best television adverts. I try to invest in quality products that look after the colour and health of my locks, and I always listen to the recommendations of my hairdressers.

The salon I go to solely used Aveda products for many years, so I’ve perceived Aveda to be a trustworthy brand for some time. The Aveda team contacted me a few months ago in regards to their Damage Remedy collection and asked if I wanted to try it out, and as I am on this ‘journey’ to better my hair, it seemed a natural fit!

It must be said, I’ve become rather fussy when it comes to hair products. If my hair doesn’t feel nice after washing it, the products are a no go for me. I want my locks to feel soft and clean, and so many products seem to have the opposite effect.

Aveda are all natural, which is amazing, but I’ve tried natural products before that have achieved nothing for me. It’s difficult because so many high street brands contain nasty substances and plastics, and although they’re not great for your hair in the long-run, it’s these additions that give the perception of visibly shiny and soft hair, so it’s difficult to steer away from these affordable and easy products. However, Aveda are a game-changer when it comes to natural haircare, I must say!

Not only do the products all smell luxurious, but they do a wonderful job of cleaning and softening my hair. No grease, no dryness, nothing. I’m currently using the Damage Remedy:

In simple terms, my hair is getting a spa treatment on the daily

I use the restructuring treatment twice a week, and it’s a quick-fix mask that instantly makes my hair feel stronger. I love a hair mask, and I can tell that this one is gradually helping my hair to feel stronger and stronger. However, the conditioner is by far my favourite product. It seems to restore the right level of moisture into my hair and leaves it feeling wonderfully soft. But together, I’ve been loving the look and feel that this collection has given me! The daily hair repair is perfect for helping your hair to cope with heat and styling, and the split end repair is pure magic.

Aveda’s collection really does have the best products for damaged hair, and they’re definitely in the top tier of products that I’ve tried and actually work! Definitely worth a try if you’re looking for something new and effective to use. Their products are also cruelty-free! Their whole ethos is one that I know so many of you will be onboard with.

In terms of price, Aveda is a little more than the high street-bracket, but as far as high-end products go, they’re definitely reasonably priced. If you’re trying the products for the first time, I recommend ordering the small sizes so you can be sure the products work for you before investing in the larger sizes!


What are your favourite haircare products? I’d love to know!


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