Drinking My Way Through Banyan’s New Gin Experience

Drinking My Way Through Banyan’s New Gin Experience

I didn’t think it was possible for me to love gin anymore than I already did… but Banyan made it happen.

I was recently and ever so kindly gifted with the opportunity to try Banyan Harrogate‘s first ever Gin Experience. I still can’t quite believe I was given the opportunity to try it, let alone the fact that I was able to bring some of my nearest and dearest to enjoy it with me!

Just for clarity, I wasn’t obligated to post about my experience in any way, but the evening was so impressive that I just had to get it onto the blog. I know so many gin lovers who would absolutely love Banyan’s gin experience! Here’s why it was so special…

Cocktail Icons

You’re met with a beautiful copper cocktail set up and greeted with a Pink 75 welcome drink; a delicious concoction of gin, lemon, sugar and a touch of chambord, topped off with prosecco…. sublime.

Ollie was our gin expert for the evening and he made the whole gin experience so much fun. He gave us a little intro into his experience at Banyan and then told us a bit more about the history of gin and some interesting facts about what it should be paired with and why. You’re never sat without a drink in hand, you’ll be pleased to know!

Harrogate Gin Experience

You’re then let loose on making your first gin cocktail – a Bramble! A combination of gin, lemon juice, sugar and crème de mûre – yum. Ollie talked us through the process and we began the mixology!

Being in a group of 5 or 6 makes the experience so much fun. It’s super sociable and interactive, but more intimate than an event with a mixologist leading a big group through a class. Instead, Ollie guided us through the drinks step by step, all the while telling us about gin.

Banyan Harrogate

Next up is a Gin Garden! After a couple of gins, the measurements start getting a little generous but hey, that ain’t a bad thing…

The Gin Garden was possibly my favourite as it’s a combination I’ve never experienced and would certainly never have thought of before; gin, lemon juice and basil-infused syrup, all topped with Prosecco. The basil flavour makes this gin cocktail into a beautiful fresh and light drink. Banyan make the basil syrup themselves and it really is delicious – who’d have thought that basil and gin go so perfectly together?!

Bombay Sapphire Edible Paint at Banyan Harrogate

The last cocktail of the experience is a classic G&T, with a twist.

This one is paired with Bombay Sapphire’s edible paint, which turned out to be one of the highlights of the whole experience! I had no idea that edible paint created for gin was a thing. Banyan are the first place I have seen it in and I need it in my gin-obsessed life!

The fragrant paint infuses the drink once the gin and tonic is poured in, so you basically have the opportunity to get creative and paint a stripe – or several- in your gin glass! It makes the experience even more engaging and interactive, and the flavour is fantastic! It’s the perfect drink to end the class with, and you can add any of the extensive botanicals on offer to your G&T.

Drinks Icons

I really cannot recommend Harrogate’s Banyan enough in general: the service is superb, the interior is beautiful and the vibe is amazing. Although it’s somewhere I’ve been to since way before I was old enough to drink, I haven’t actually visited it in a while. However, the experience has made me remember just how fantastic it really is! They know their stuff when it comes to drinks, and it shows in the quality of their cocktail menu.

The Gin Experience is now available for you and your group of 6 or more to book! It’s brilliant as a birthday party idea in Harrogate, hen party or stag do, or even a work night out. It’s something a little different from just your usual drinks out, but you still get the gin that you’ll be craving, just with some added fun. The experience is £29.95 per person and that includes 4 gin cocktails, so the value really is exceptional. (Pssst, the gin measures are double too).


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