My Tips on Furnishing a Small Room

My Tips on Furnishing a Small Room

After a month of living in our lovely little flat in Harrogate, I’ve had the opportunity to invest my time and effort into home decor more than ever before! I’ve never done so much DIY and flat-pack furniture tackling – or should I say attempted to do so – in my life, but I’ve loved every minute of focusing on dressing our lovely apartment.

The biggest tackle we’ve had with furnishing our home from top to bottom is the size – or lack of – that we have available. I say lack of because it’s by no means big, but it’s certainly enough for what we need and definitely doesn’t feel too small for us! But it does mean that I’ve had to be conscious of space when dressing our apartment, and I’ve definitely learned a lot along the way, alongside a few words of wisdom by my experienced and interior-loving Mother, thanks Mum! And what’s this blog if it’s not to share my experience and advice with you lovely lot?!

Here are some of my tips on furnishing a small space…



  1. Measure Up

I can’t stress enough how important it is to measure  e v e r y t h i n g. And I actually don’t just mean doing so to avoid buying things that are too big, but actually too small too.

When I first looked around the flat, it had just been refurbished and was completely empty, and I actually didn’t think we would be able to fit a sofa and dining table together in our living space. Yet here I am, sat at our table surrounded by a lovely – and not tiny either – sofa and armchair.

So the moral of the story is that small spaces can sometimes comfortably fit more than you might initially expect, so take some measurements and do a little mental space planning to see what you can fit in your space!

2. Raised Furniture

Now this is a top tip from Mama Shaikh and it makes total sense.

When furnishing a small space, the biggest issue is lack of floor space. You should, therefore, avoid taking up too much floorspace with furniture that sits directly on the floor. Instead, choose pieces of furniture that are raised from the floor with legs. Sofas, chairs and coffee tables that have legs give a great illusion of space and openness, which makes the world of difference in a small space!

3. Stay Away From Bulky Furniture

Avoid bulk wherever possible. Bulky furniture doesn’t just take up a lot of physical space, but visual space too. It can make a room feel far more crammed than it actually is!

This is something we’ve really tried to bear in mind for our living space. Our dining table, chairs, and coffee table are all quite dainty in terms of their structure and legs, which has helped our interior feel nice and spacious.

4. Don’t Go Too Dark 

…says the queen of grey.

Lighter colours and tones make a space feel bright, airy and spacious. It’s common sense really, but don’t underestimate how much darker colours can consume a space and make it feel smaller than it actually is. This doesn’t mean that you have to avoid darker shades completely, but instead make sure they are balanced out with lighter ones!

All of our grey furniture arrived before any of our furnishings, and it was definitely too much grey. The space felt flat and small, but as soon as we got some pinks, whites and creams involved, the space really came to life and there’s now a lot more contrast and depth to our space!

So, yeah, styling a small room is all about the careful consideration of the type of furniture you’re putting into the room, and the colours you’re introducing! Our space felt much bigger when we had furniture in it, which sounds totally bizarre but a small room can look it’s smallest when there’s nothing in it.

To find out where I’ve been going to source our new furniture and home accessories, check out my previous blog post!





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