4 Affordable Homeware Retailers You Need to Shop At

4 Affordable Homeware Retailers You Need to Shop At


Okay this is probably old news now, especially if you follow me over on the ‘gram and have been following our move from the beginning, but it’s definitely news here on the blog!

Keiran and I moved into a beautiful flat in the centre of Harrogate and it’s one of the best and most exciting things that has happened to us thus far. (Sad or cute?). 

Although we lived together in a flat before this, it was fully furnished and we didn’t own much (or any) furniture before moving to Harrogate. Slightly stressful, I know, but it has been an exciting and great opportunity to start from scratch and dress our new home exactly as we would like to.

Obviously, this has involved a heck of a lot of homeware shopping – of which I am now an expert – but we’ve been able to find some fantastic affordable furniture and homeware bits along the way. Seeing as though I have become a (self-professed) semi-pro homeware finder, I wanted to share some of the affordable home stores that have helped us to make our apartment into the home it now feels like!


Cheap Home Goods at Homesense

I definitely couldn’t start this post in any other way as Homesense has been my number 1 go-to for most of our furnishings and furniture for the new place. I even bought our mugs and bowls from Homesense a whole year ago, which I have been saving until our move… I basically forgot I owned them.

For those who aren’t familiar with Homesense, it’s an extension of Tkmaxx and is full of amazing homeware goodies at unparalleled prices. From feather-filled cushions at £6 to velvet armchairs for less than £200 – I have yet to leave the store without something in my hand – seriously, it’s a problem. What’s even better is that everything is amazing quality because they sell products from established brands but at discounted prices.

Whether you want some gorgeous new mugs, Le Crouset dishes, stylish cushions, sumptuous towels or sensational furniture finds, I always go to Homesense before looking anywhere else. At the beginning of our move I went shopping with a long list of things we needed, featuring tea and coffee caddies, a butter dish, kitchen roll holder, bathroom bin and much more – all of which I managed to find in our first stop at Homesense. If they do have what you’re looking for – which they probably will – it’s likely that it’s a lot cheaper than you would find anywhere else!

2. Lola Rose Interiors

Affordable Furniture

For non-Yorkshire folk, this place is no good to you, but if you do live in the vicinity of Yorkshire, this shop has to be one of the best sofa places going.

The prices of sofas hit us like a slap in the face when we moved house, but before spending a sickening amount on buying one, I found the sofa of my dreams at an unbelievable price from Lola Rose Interiors in Yeadon, near to Leeds Bradford airport. Lola Rose sell sofas from various well-known retailers that are cancelled orders, ex-display, old stock, etc, which means they can sell brand new sofas at fantastic prices.

They have a large warehouse with a whole collection of armchairs and sofas to choose from, so be prepared to sit on 20+ sofas – it’s great. Ours is a grey Harveys sofa in the exact style we were looking for, and it’s the most comfortable chair I sat on during our search, for the bargain price of £350. We’ve had so many comments on it!

For some serious inspo, check out their Instagram page for an idea of what’s in stock. For a fee of around £50, you can also get the sofa delivered to your door!

3. Next

Affordable Bedroom Furnishings

Next homeware is always good, and we’ve sourced some great bits from there over the past few weeks. You can find so many stylish things for the home, with some great affordable finds. They always have up-to-date trends and they have a quality you can count on. Their Instagram account is also a constant source of inspiration/temptation, so they’re definitely worth a stalk.

We bought some beautiful pink pom-pom cushions to go in our bedroom, and also found a retro-style Belville toaster on their website which fits in perfectly with the style we are going for in the apartment.

4. Amazon

Affordable Furnishings from Amazon Home

It’s official, Amazon run the world. Although they’re my go-to website for many things, I was surprised at the fantastic furniture bits you can also get from there.

We found our dining table and chairs from Amazon Home at the unbelievable price of £107! It all came flat-packed and was pretty easy to put up, and I was seriously impressed at the number of affordable and independent homeware sellers selling their products through Amazon. Without their platform, you’d struggle to find these affordable home finds and would be limited to the more expensive brands! It’s definitely worth a browse if you’re looking for furniture bits like this.


These are just some of the affordable home stores I have been appreciating over the last few weeks, and I’ve actually been so pleasantly surprised at the high quality but cheap home goods available if you look in the right places! What are your favourite home brands? Let me know so I can fuel my shopping habit…


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  1. May 28, 2019 / 10:10 am

    I’m so excited for your homeware content! Homesense and Next are definitely essentials for homeware and I love Matalan too!

    Katy | http://www.therawrdrobe.com

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