Over-Indulging with the New Choccypud Wrap

Choccypud Wrap from The York Roast Company

I’ve done it. I’ve finally found a chocolate dessert that actually satisfies my chocoholic self. It’s a mission, I tell you, but I have indeed tried every chocoholic’s dream delight and naturally, I had to share it with you.

You might remember the Yorkshire pudding wrap that went pretty much viral a few years ago? Well, that was The York Roast Company‘s doing, and now they have taken it one step further with their brand new Choccypud Wrap.

I was kindly invited to check out their new offering and gifted with their treats so I could report back to you (such a hard life, I know). The York Roast Co. have two locations right slap-bang in the centre of York to fuel shoppers, day-drinkers and fellow foodies with some hearty Yorkshire goodness.

Their store on Low Petergate has been given a smart new refurbishment and guests have the option to eat in or take out, but be warned, things are gonna get messy!

So, what is this fantastic new Choccypud Wrap? Everything is the answer, and by everything, I mean a huge Yorkshire pudding (now world famous, in fact) filled with generous chunks of gooey chocolate brownie, crushed Oreos and a crumbly flake, finished off with a substantial dollop of cream. As I huge foodie, I was impressed; partly because it includes many of my favourite things, and partly because it’s in a WRAP. It is pretty spectacular.

The York Roast Co. are definitely worth a visit during a trip to the beautiful city of York. It’s food offerings are plentiful and you certainly won’t come away hungry!


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