Trend Talk: Chunky Trainers

Chunky Trainer Trend

Can I Pull Off the Chunky Trainer Trend?

You know those trends that you totally judge when they first become a thing, but then you kind of get used to seeing everyone else rock it so you start to get on board? Can you relate? That is definitely me with the chunky trainer trend.

In truth, I initially thought that chunky trainers with platform-like-soles were just a bit too extra – and too chunky? Nevertheless, it hasn’t taken me too long to change my mind and I think I’ve hit the trend at its peak! I can thank Instagram for my change in perception, just as I can thank Instagram for my online shopping habit and constant food envy, but that’s another story. Bottom line is that once Victoria from In The Frow invested in a pair, I had to get on board (yes I am that easy to influence, it’s a problem).

So I’m scrolling through Instagram thinking okay – I want to see if I can pull off this trend but I also don’t want to spend a bomb on a branded pair… where to look and get the best selection? It had to be ASOS, and I literally fell in love with 5 pairs on the site (the ASOS curse that we’re all familiar with). But the blush pink highlights and snake print detail on the ASOS DESIGN Drone chunky trainers? I mean, a shoe couldn’t be more my style if I designed them myself. If I’m delving into a new trend, I’ve got to do it right, after all!

Styling Chunky Trainers

They’re super cute, comfy, affordable and versatile. What took me so long?

I guess my main hold back to investing in a pair was not knowing if I would really get that much wear out of them. Not that this thought usually stops me, but hey. Do they need to be dressed super casually? Will they look out of place? I’m pleased to say that the answer is no. I tested this to the max by pairing them with my leather-look trousers and a smart fitted blazer and it’s a look I am here for! I love the contrast between smart and casual and I think the white on the trainers makes the outfit stand out. What do you think? Styling chunky trainers is way easier than I expected!

Another great bonus to this style of trainer is their platformed sole – they’re actually really flattering for the legs. Similarly to how a slight heel can make your outfit look immediately better, I find that these trainers have a similar effect – but without the pain!

So, yeah, chunky trainers are a vibe that I am now fully on board with. They’re comfortable and way more fun than the regular trainers we have been styling for so long. I’m here for it! What do you think?


Also, this post marks the first in a new series! I want to do more posts on trends I am trying out so I can feed back to you guys on my thoughts. Let me know if there are any trends you think I should try! 


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