Reasons to Embrace Change

Reasons to Embrace Change

Change is a concept that ignites different emotions in different people – it can be scary, nerve-wracking, anxiety-inducing, exciting and positive. Sometimes even all at once! R o l l e r c o a s t e r.

On reflection, – y’know, cos Sundays are all about reflection… – a hell of a lot has changed for me over the last few years and the ups and downs involved have really altered my perspective of change. Woah, that got deep. 

I personally love reading and hearing people’s perspectives on subjects like this because it can really impact the way I think about things and a change in mindset can sometimes be needed to help you get the most out of a situation. I guess this post is an extension of the new years resolution I spoke about before regarding positivity – wahoo at least I’m sticking to this resolution! But if you’re experiencing life changes – big or small – perhaps my new and improved perspective on change can help your outlook on it!

It’s not uncommon for someone to say that they don’t like change. After all, it can often mean leaving your comfort zone; leaving your familiar little bubble that you think you want to stay in… can you tell I have a Psychology degree?! Haha.

It’s true that even the most exciting of changes can be daunting, bringing the worries of failure, nerves, etc etc (gosh this is a positive post so far ey?!), but I’m learning to really grasp change by the hands and take it in my stride, because change can nearly always lead to a positive. The most rewarding and amazing things that I have experienced and achieved in my 24 years of living life have involved change, and usually a change that I was stressing myself out over before realising that everything has a way of working out in the end (true fact). What’s the point in wasting energy over something when you can try to take the positives from it instead?

It’s so easy to dwell on things in life (I definitely used to be a dweller), but slight alterations to the outlook you have can have huge implications on your wellbeing and happiness.

Any change is a fantastic opportunity for growth. I love being in my familiar comfort zone, but I would only hold myself back if I chose to stay there. Experiencing new things and challenging yourself helps you to grow as a person, and you’ll end up learning so many things along the way. As a casing point, many of my lovely friends and I have experienced moving away from home to go to university, or chosen to go travelling around the world, or moved to a new city to find the dream job. None of these decisions are easy, all of them are daunting, but all of them bring those priceless experiences that will stick with you forever. Even if you decide that the change isn’t for you and you revert back, you’ll learn and grow in doing so.

It’s so rewarding when change works out for the better, which it often does. Nothing is more fulfilling than stepping out of your comfort zone and engaging in something that pays off – perhaps a new job or another big life decision. One thing I have learnt, and something I always say to people (sorry guys), is that everything works out in the end. My mum etched this into me from the get go and I’ve come to realise that it’s so true.

Even if events out of my control have happened and feel like the worst thing in the world – they always work out in the end. I always look back and think girl why the hell did you get so worked up over that! But it’s just so easy to do, and so many of us are prone to doing it.

If you’re considering a big life change and feel apprehensive or scared about it, I say go for it. Life is so damn short (another phrase I say all the time – broken record much?) and there’s no point wasting time wondering what if. Just do it, take a leap and give it ago because what is there to lose? Even if it doesn’t work out, you’ll benefit from the experience!


What is your approach to change? Are you a change-phobe or an easy going take-life-as-it-comes kinda person?




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