Planning the Perfect Night In With Twisted

Planning the Perfect Night In With Twisted

Welcome to the brand new and improved, what excitement! I’ve been dying to update my website for ages now and I’ve finally have the time and resources to do it – what do you think? I’m still playing around with it and editing it here and there but I’m pretty smitten! And what better way to christen the new site than with a good ol’ inbetweenthefood-style foodie post?!


Twisted London Now Available in Leeds

Leeds Food Delivery - Twisted London

If you live near to Leeds and love nothing more than to get your hands dirty with some good food that you’ll be thinking about for days, listen up. I’ve got the perfect night-in plans for you!

I was lucky enough to be gifted with a burger feast by Twisted London, a (usually) delivery-only restaurant who are venturing away from their London roots. Twisted have teamed up with Absurd Bird Trinity Kitchen to bring their burger goodness right to our Yorkshire homes. Usually, you will be able to get your hands on this amazing grub via Uber Eats, but they offered me the opportunity to try the food at Trinity Kitchen itself, so I can report back to you fellow foodies!


Recipe for a Foodie Night-In

Twisted Burger and Fries

The key to the perfect night in is obviously food. Without enough food to munch on, you’re going to get pretty bored and hangry (yes I’m talking to myself), and no one wants that. So first thing’s first, decide on the food you want to order in – because what’s a night in without a takeaway?!

Twisted London Goods

Twisted have some mouthwatering options on their menu, and I think I chose pretty well, thanks to the advice from their management, and I wouldn’t hesitate to order it again. I chose the hashtag burger and before you say anything, yes I was slightly influenced by the social media-related name. In this beautiful burger you will find fried buttermilk chicken, hash brown, sliced cheddar, shredded cos lettuce, devilled caesar dressing, garlic butter brioche bun… my gosh my mouth is watering. I’ll be honest and say I’m not usually one for choosing chicken in a burger, but this delectable combination was extremely succulent and flavoursome, and combined with the hash brown and caeser dressing, it was delicious.

Luckily for my boyfriend, he was also extended an invite to join me on my foodie-venture with Twisted, which was pretty handy as I got to try even more of their goods. He opted for the Hot Swayzee consisting of fried buttermilk chicken, ghost chilli buffalo sauce, Twisted slaw, blue cheese sauce, brioche bun. It definitely lived up to its name by being on the spicy side, but it was a delicious concoction.

No burger is complete without a side of fries, and I don’t think any fries will ever live up to those from Twisted – no joke. We tried the Caeser Fries, which were by no means scarce and consisted of hand cut fries, fried chicken nuggets, bacon, parmesan, devilled caesar dressing. They had the perfect amount of crunch and the portion size will certainly ensure no hanger will ruin your night in!

Food-Friendly and Comfortable Clothing

Twisted are big on their chicken, so we had to try their BBQ Monster Wings. Not my usual order, but definitely worth the tantalisingly tasty experience. But be prepared to get your hands dirty – comfy and messy clothing is a night-in essential after all! It’s safe to say that we left Trinity Kitchen feeling extremely satisfied and undoubtedly full.

Snacks, Snacks, and More Snacks

To complete your night-in, make sure you have some beverages in tow to wash down the delicious grub you’re about to indulge in, and have some good Netflix shows or films lined up! And always remember, no matter how full you are, you’re probably going to want chocolate, so make sure you’re stocked up!

Getting a food delivery is always a lovely treat but many of us opt for the same food from the same place and whilst that’s good, it’s even better to try new things and flavours to treat yourself to! If this post hasn’t tempted you enough (you must be really full or something), then head over to Uber Eats to take a look at their menu!



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