Does ‘Luxury’ Have to Mean Expensive?

I’m not sure what it is about the New Year celebrations that is triggering me to write these thought-provoking blog topics – maybe it’s the period of reflection that we all tend to go through as we head towards the new year – but it certainly makes a change from my usual food and fashion-related blog posts.

I was lucky enough to receive some wonderful new products for my birthday and Christmas this year. There’s nothing I love more than luxurious skincare and clothing that makes me feel utterly relaxed and pampered, and I guess that got me thinking about the topic at hand – does ‘luxury’ have to mean expensive?

What Luxury Means to MeDefining Luxury

What do you associate with the word luxury? Possibly something along the lines of high-quality items and products from well-known brands that are a little pricey, or opulent interiors at splendid hotels and fine dining restaurants? But do these characteristics really define what luxury means?

Personally, I’ve started to realise that luxury really doesn’t have to be associated with expense. To me, luxury is the way that a product, item or environment feels and makes me feel.

With clothing, for example, my sensationally soft and comfortable jumpers feel completely luxurious to me, but half of them are from Primark and the other half from Zara. Equally, wonderful skincare can feel like the most luxurious thing in the world, but I swear by my budget-friendly products from The Ordinary and I love a high-street face mask.

But on the other hand, I absolutely treasure my high-end products and items that really do make me feel luxurious too, which are often products I have saved up for or treated myself to, and these are far more on the expensive end of the spectrum.

When Luxury Changed For Me

If, like me, you spent time as a student and graduate for a few years, you probably didn’t have the ££ to afford high-end clothing and products for much of the duration of this time (and if you did, you must have been ‘studenting’ wrong or abusing your overdraft – I see you!), and so I guess I naturally developed an appreciation for affordable items that still felt very luxurious to me.

Although I am now working and earning, we’re also saving for a house, so again I have to restrict myself when it comes to indulging in the more expensive ‘luxuries’. As I’ve grown older and generally developed as a person, I’ve started enjoying different types of luxuries to what I would previously have classed as a luxury. I celebrate luxuries such as sinking into fresh sheets on a Sunday night, putting on a mid-week face mask whilst enjoying a G&T at home, making my surroundings feel welcoming and cosy, and anything else that makes me feel comforted and relaxed. In doing so, I appreciate products that help me achieve this feeling, whether it’s buying lovely reed diffusers that make home smell fresh and lovely, or utilising my favourite skincare products to give myself a mini facial. Some products happen to be expensive, but others certainly do not, and it’s not their price or brand that defines whether they are luxurious to me.

I guess now that I am fully ‘adulting’, I pay more attention to the things I surround myself with and my perceptions of luxury have evolved alongside it… can anyone else relate? I think luxury is what you make of it – a feeling you get from the things you surround yourself with and dress yourself in, which can be highstreet or high-end, at the end of the day.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic and what you would class as ‘luxury’, and in case you missed it, head on over to my previous post on brand loyalty and how it has been changing!




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