A Foodie Weekend in Dublin – Where to Eat and Drink

A Foodie Weekend in Dublin - Where to Eat and Drink

I hope I’m not the only person who finds food the highlight of pretty much all of my trips? On a recent weekend in Ireland I soon realised that Dublin was a foodie’s heaven and I absolutely loved everywhere and everything we tried…

From scrumptious breakfasts to delicious tapas, keep reading for the foodie low-down on a weekend in Dublin.

Breakfast(s) of Dreams at Brother Hubbard

cI had to make the title plural due to the fact that we returned to Brother Hubbard North two days in a row, which speaks volumes for their breakfast offerings!

I found this gem after some brief Googling, with my searches going along the lines of, ‘best breakfasts in dublin’, ‘instagrammable breakfasts in dublin’ (don’t judge), etc etc. All of the search results featured Brother Hubbard, and with it being only a 3-minute walk from our Airbnb, it would have been rude not to.

From the outside, it looks relatively small, but the restaurant is very Mary Poppins’ bag-esc in that it opens up to a huge space, far bigger than you would expect. Immediately greeted by Brother Hubbard himself, we were welcomed with friendly Irish accents and smiles, and seated to one of their many tables.Brother Hubbard Avo & EggsNamed as one of the top 100 places to eat in Ireland, the food here is exactly as they describe, ‘interesting and innovative’. The menu has middle-eastern vibes but brunch dishes are takes on the usual breakfast classics.

Their Avo & Eggs are like nothing I have ever tasted. The avocado so smooth that it was almost like a whipped cream, joined by spiced chickpeas and chickpea spread, harissa yoghurt, radish and poached eggs on sourdough toast, there were so many bursts of fantastic flavours. No avo & eggs will compare to this one, that’s for sure!Brunch at Brother HubbardDay 2: It took every ounce of my being to veer away from the dreamy avo and eggs again, but I thought I might as well make the most of my visit and try something different. I opted for the Turkish Egg Menemen which involved a combination of beautiful scrambled-style eggs combined with roast peppers, whipped feta, olives, red onion, salsa and more, on Georgian bread. It was insanely delicious with so many flavours that I had never tried in combination.

It must be said that their coffees were also exquisite, so they really do offer the full package. Brother Hubbard also has his own cookbook which I think I need to invest in if I am ever to have such delicious avo and eggs again!

Tapas at 37 Dawson Street

37 Dawson Street in DublinI am yet to meet a foodie who doesn’t love tapas, so a trip to 37 Dawson Street was welcomed with open arms for our first day in Dublin. This establishment is a truly unique place that I won’t be forgetting any time soon. Cocktails? No need for a menu – simply tell the waiter/waitress your flavour preferences and their skilled barmen muster up a unique concoction suited to your tastebuds. Mine was fruity and sweet and a complete dream at that.37 Dawson StreetThe quirkiness of 37 Dawson Street is very much emanated within the interior – imagine bright neon lights, dramatic red curtains, odd but ridiculously comfy armchairs, and a range of weird and wonderful decorations that you might expect to see behind the scenes at a theatre. In fact, that’s exactly what it is like – a mismatch of props that don’t make sense but create the coolest atmosphere ever.Tapas at 37 Dawson StreetTo top if off, their tapas selection is next level. As a group, we ordered – and I would highly recommend – the Caesar Salad, Parma Ham with Irish Brie Crostini (when in Ireland), Patatas with Chorizo and Sautéed Shallot (divine), Quesadilla (delicious), and a couple more. I wish each dish had lasted forever and you must get this on your must-visit list on a trip to Dublin.

Nutella Latte at The Woollen Mills

Nutella Latte at The Woollen MillsI’m sure the above heading, nutella latte, has truly captured your interest – and so it should. No city break is complete without copious coffee (or wine) stops, and this one was discovered via the realms of Instagram.

If you like Nutella and fancy trying a coffee that you probably won’t be able to have anywhere else, a pit-stop at this lovely cafe/restaurant is a great option! Although The Woollen Mills offers food, guests are more than welcome to pop along for a coffee and some smaller bites to eat. Lattes and chips might not be the norm as a combination, but I left unbelievably satisfied.

Burgers at Bunsen

Bunsen Burger in DublinYou know me – I can’t possibly go away and not have a burger at some point during the trip. A few people had mentioned and recommended Bunsen to me, and we just had to try it for ourselves.

This cosy and casual place is perfect for catching up with friends over some good grub. The menu is as simple as can be, presented on a small business card that beats any other business card I have ever been given.

You can choose from the usual – regular burger, cheeseburger, double cheeseburger – and it’s not frowned upon when you ask for all of the toppings and sauces available. The burger and fries certainly did not disappoint and I’m only left sad that Bunsen doesn’t exist in Yorkshire – dammit.

Secret Cocktails at Blind Pig

I love visiting secret bars, and a walk through an Italian cafe, down some stairs, and a press of a poster opens up the doors to this underground speakeasy. With a cool cocktail menu and great vibes, you can choose to come for a drink or for a sit-down meal.

The Blind Pig is authentic in style to the era of prohibition, and it feels like a time-warp in the best possible way. A great cocktail stop during the evening!


It’s safe to say that Dublin was a food and cocktail-lovers dream. I’m quite pleased with the amount we managed to fit in one weekend, but I’m sure I’ll be back to check some more places off the list!





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