Festive Fun With Folium Floral Design & Jigsaw

Festive Fun With Folium Floral Design & Jigsaw

Ahhhh, it feels great to be sat back in front of my laptop and working on In Between the Food again. It feels like forever since I’ve had the chance to sit down and blog, when in reality it’s only been a few weeks – but a busy few weeks at that! 

I’ve had a lovely transition from birthday fun to festive activities thanks to the lovely Rachael at Folium Floral Design and Steph from Jigsaw’s Harrogate store. Steph contacted me on Instagram a few weeks ago in regards to a Christmas wreath making event they were holding in the Jigsaw store in Harrogate. When she extended an invite to me, it was an offer I couldn’t refuse! I’d never done wreath-making before but I love any Christmas festivities, and it was made even better by the fact that it was in support of a local independent florist, Rachael, who also works part-time in the Jigsaw store.

And, as a fashion-fiend, it was also a great chance to see Jigsaw’s latest collection and find out what their current trends entail. To judge my wreath-making skills and find out what Jigsaw are loving right now, keep reading…


Folium Floral Design

Folium Floral DesignWreath-making is becoming an increasingly popular festive activity – it’s a chance to do something different, get creative, and create a Christmas decoration for your door. What’s not to love? Rachael from Folium Floral Design holds various wreath-making events in the local area but also creates pre-made wreaths for those who don’t have the time to participate in a class and make one themselves. Check out Folium’s Facebook page for up-to-date events and to find out where Rachael’s lovely wreaths are stocked!Wreath Making With Folium Floral DesignAs most of us in the class were newbie wreath-makers, Rachael talked us through everything step-by-step, also spending time with each of us individually to make sure we were following okay. I was immediately impressed by all of the foliage on offer, which sounds slightly ridiculous seeing as though it was wreath making after all, but I had no idea just how many different types of foliage could be incorporated into a wreath!

Prior to the class, I’d never considered how wreaths stay fresh for so long. Turns out, it’s due to a layer of cleverly-placed and moist moss that keeps the foliage hydrated. The first step is therefore to cover your metal ring and fix all of the moss in place with wire! Wreath Making Class at JigsawSwitching between working on my wreath, sipping on a little prosecco tipple, and listening to Christmas songs whilst doing so, made for an extremely fun evening. It was the perfect way to get into the festive spirit, made all the more fun by Rachael’s friendly and bubbly personality!

I didn’t expect my wreath to look anything special seeing as though I’m not generally a plant person and I’ve never done anything like it before, but I’m pretty impressed with the end result, I shan’t lie! I can’t say there was much method to my madness aside from sticking things in that I thought looked good, but Rachael explained that everyone’s wreath would look different but still look great, and she was pretty damn right if you ask me…


Rachael also holds Autumnal wreath-making classes, which are – obviously – held in Autumn, and in summer her flower crown classes are a huge hit for hen parties and other celebrations! Rachael From Folium Floral DesignUntitled design-45Winter Trends with Jigsaw

Jigsaw Winter CollectionFollowing on from our wreath-making, Jigsaw’s store manager, Steph, and the other lovely ladies working in the store that evening, walked me through the shop to talk about the brand, their current collection, and some of this season’s must-haves. Accessories in Jigsaw, HarrogateResin jewellery is a big trend this season and Jigsaw have added some beautiful resin earrings to their jewellery collection. These bold jewellery statements give off insane 80’s vibes and they can quickly transform an outfit into something chic and beautiful.Jigsaw in HarrogateKeeping with accessories, easy-to-wear and compact bags are in demand, and this black ‘grab clutch’ has been a popular one for Jigsaw. Easily worn on the wrist, this Jigsaw clutch is perfect for Christmas parties and is still big enough to hold the essentials – phone, purse, and lipstick of course!

This season’s collection is inspired by the 100 years of suffrage that has been celebrated this year. Styles and colours within the collection have been inspired by particularly famous women in history, incorporating their styles into key pieces of Jigsaw’s winter clothing. This is such an inspirational collection to empower women and ignite old but much-loved styles.

I loved having the excuse to look at Jigsaw’s collection and really understand the inspiration behind the pieces, and the care and quality that goes into making everything. What Jigsaw do particularly well, is provide some wardrobe staples that you can have in your wardrobe for years, whether it be cashmere jumpers, silk scarves, tailored suits, or classic coats. Everyone in the Harrogate store is extremely knowledgeable, helpful and passionate, so if you’re ever passing by, do pop in!


A huge thank you to Jigsaw for organising such a wonderful event – there’s nothing more satisfying that supporting local businesses, whether they’re nationwide like Jigsaw or local like Folium Floral Design. There’s no better way to get into the Christmas spirit than to bring everyone together!




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