Customise Your Gadgets with CaseApp

Customise Your Gadgets with Caseapp

Having a stylish phone case and laptop is comparable to wearing matching underwear. It’s that satisfyingly good.

I might not be able to offer revolutionary life advice to motivate you on this fine day, but if having a stylish phone case makes you feel one step closer to having your life ‘together’, listen up…

CaseApp was one of the first decent iPhone covers I ever owned way back when the iPhone 4 was brand spanking new (now retro), and when the beginning of my marble obsession began (and never ended). So when CaseApp got in touch to offer me some products of my choice in exchange for a review, I couldn’t really resist. What’s even better is that I only got a new phone a month ago and had still been on the hunt for a decent case, so it was pretty perfect!

If you fancy a change in phone case or feel like jazzing up your laptop, here’s why you need to visit the CaseApp website…Gin Fashionista X Espresso Mr Martini-5DSC08158.JPGOne of CaseApp’s greatest assets is the variation in designs available – they cater to a lot of preferences: marble, block colours, graphics, foliage, florals and so much more! The hardest part is deciding which one to go for – not helped by the fact that I’m ridiculously indecisive as a person –  but this really is where Instagram comes in handy; a scroll through their feed and I immediately whittled it down to a few options!

For someone who is seemingly obsessed with having a nice phone case, I’ve never considered a personalised laptop skin. However, this soon changed when I stalked the CaseApp Instagram (doing what I do best) and suddenly realised just how much I needed (yes, needed) one for myself too.

I knew that I wanted something quite minimalistic and something that I wouldn’t dislike after a few months, so I opted for the Small Black Dots on White laptop skin. I’m so pleased with how it looks! And if you’re concerned about the concept of putting on a skin, don’t be. I really thought I would botch it up but it’s actually really easy, I took the skin off its backing, lined it up with the apple sign and bingo!

DSC08154I went for a similar vibe with my phone case – I much prefer patterns to graphics on my cases, but I also wanted to venture away from my usual marble choices, and I equally wanted to go for a different style to the laptop skin I had just chosen…

The result? Literally slap bang in the middle of spots and marble; terrazzo in matte. This beautiful design has specks of pink, grey, blue and green on a white background. It’s simple but still stylish and I’ve already had many comments on my phone’s new addition!

Gin Fashionista X Espresso Mr Martini-6

Although I opted for designs already available on the CaseApp website, you can actually personalise some of their designs and even design your own. I had every intention of doing this before falling in love with the two designs I ended up choosing, but if you’re creative or perhaps fancy having some photos on your phone, CaseApp give you the option to create your own phone case, skin, and laptop skin.

The CaseApp products are already affordable but they’ve given me a code for you to use if you decide to jazz up your gadgets too! Use INBETWEENTHEFOOD20 at checkout and let me know which one you choose!


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