Snoozing Your Way to a Better You

Snoozing Your Way to a Better You

I feel slightly contradictory writing this blog post whilst yawning after a long day of doing very little… but is it even possible to not yawn on a lazy Sunday? 

Sleep… it’s something we nearly always want more of and always feel that we are deprived of. There’s some days where I yawn more than smile (which is never good) but luckily I’m quite a good sleeper in that I tend to fall asleep quite quickly and will sleep through the night as long as no one disturbs me (lord help you if you do!). But on the other hand, I know so many people who have sleep issues. Whether it’s not being able to fall asleep for hours, waking up really early, or just having really poor quality sleep.

Being tired utterly sucks and it doesn’t take too long for you to start feeling run down after a short run of sleepless nights. I’m by no means a sleep expert and I too have days where I feel absolutely zombified, but I also have some go-to techniques and products  that really help to improve my length and quality of sleep. Interested in my sleep advice? Let’s go!

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Wind down…

How to Get Better SleepIf you’re a poor sleeper on the regular, are you getting yourself into a good routine on an evening? I find it so important to dedicate a period of time to winding down and relaxing at the end of the day; not many people can go from 100 to 0 and be able to get a good night’s sleep, so make sure you’re taking the time to slow down and relax. Have a shower, get into some cosy pjs, have a cuppa, and watch something on tv, or maybe read a book. Not only is this pretty damn enjoyable after a long day, but it gives you the chance to slow down and feel ready to catch those Z’s. Then, once your head reaches the pillow, your brain is ready to switch off and let you get your beauty sleep!

Time away from electronics and night shift mode…

How to Get Good SleepThe cliché advice to turn off the electronics before bed is actually pretty sound advice imo. But, as an outright millennial, I know how hard this can be… I love a last minute scroll through Instagram before going to bed, and I think I would struggle to deprive myself of that (don’t judge). If you have more willpower than me though, putting the phone away an hour before bed can do a lot to clear the head.

However, if you are like me and are a bit obsessed with your phone (I’m owning it), at least put it onto ‘night shift’ mode. This adjusts the lighting and hue of your screen so that it’s a warmer tone and less bright. Basically, bright lights confuse your brain and can have a knock-on effect on your sleep cycle. Night shift mode helps to prevent this and enhance your ability to slide into a deep slumber when you turn the phone off! I put mine on an hour or so before going to bed, so why not give it a go tonight?

Sleep products… that actually do work 

This Works Sleep ProductsI didn’t want to start this sleep advice post with a list of products you should buy because the purpose of this post isn’t to showcase products. This post is, however, about how to get better sleep, and there are some products – or types of products – that can be an absolute lifesaver.

If you have yet to try a good pillow spray, you are depriving yourself of so damn much! I find these little bottles of goodness – or bottles of sleep, if you will – a bloomin’ god-send. These sprays blend beautiful scents that help you to fall asleep, quite like aromatherapy. The sprays smell amazing, but they truly do help you to relax and fall asleep.

If you’re looking to try one, I will always recommend either the This Works Pillow Spray or Neom’s Perfect Night’s Sleep Pillow Mist. Both smell divine and really do work. You simply spritz the spray onto your pillows (and on parts of your duvet that are near your face, if you’re feeling cheeky), and you breathe in the scents as you go to sleep. This helps you to fall asleep but is also proven to improve the quality of your sleep too. If you’re looking for some sound sleep advice, these products are a must.

I also recently tried This Works’ Sleep Power Recharge Mask and Sleep Power Nap Spray and have fallen head-over-heels-straight-into-bed in love. The mask smells like the pillow spray but better and is the perfect treat to wind down to. It has also worked wonders for my skin so that’s an added bonus. The power nap spray is then perfect for when you want to fit in a quick power nap (I wish I had this product back in the uni days) and helps you to get the most out of your nap. So, if you want to go all out on your quest to find out how to get better sleep, definitely try these out.

Do you have any go-to tactics for when you’re struggling with your snooze? I’d love to hear your sleep advice!


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