Top 3 Autumn Lipsticks

Top 3 Autumn Lipsticks

Everyone has that one makeup item that really makes them feel put together. Mine? It has to be a good lippy. Lipstick is the one thing that takes me from everyday to made up. For some people it’s eyeshadow, liquid liner, or highlighter, but mine has always been the lips!

Because I love lipstick so much, autumn is definitely my favourite season for makeup. I love dark nudes, browns, and deep burgundy shades during these months – in lipstick and clothing.

My number 1 lipstick brand has to be Charlotte Tilbury, all day every day. Those little shiny gold bullets of lipstick goodness are absolute heaven. Texture is so important with lipstick and that’s why I love all of Charlotte’s ranges. And, that’s also why I’m obsessed with NYX’s liquid lipsticks – they too have mastered colour and texture in one. So without further ado, here are my top 3 autumn lipsticks…

Very Victoria, Charlotte Tilbury 745x945_0000_matte_rev_-_swatch_-_very_victoriaAutumn Lipsticks from Charlotte Tilbury

Very Victoria is my all-time go-to favourite autumn lipstick. I first bought it when visiting a Charlotte Tilbury concession years ago, and it’s been a firm favourite ever since.  It’s the perfect deep nude that has enough colour to stand out against your skin tone, but it’s also a texture that I love. As part of Charlotte Tilbury’s matte revolution range, it’s a wonderful matte that isn’t at all drying. It’s a waxy type of texture – in a good way – which still manages to feel moisturising and stay on really well. Bingo!

I think it’s pretty hard to judge lipstick shades online, and I would say that the colour of Very Victoria is quite different from how it looks on the website. It’s a little darker but depending on your use of a light or dark lipliner, you can easily adjust the shade accordingly.

Glastonberry, Charlotte Tilburyglastonberry-swatch_2.jpgCharlotte Tilbury Autumn Lipstick Shade

Another firm autumn favourite of mine is another lipstick from Charlotte’s Matte Revolution range, Glastonberry. Of all the autumn lipstick shades, it doesn’t get more autumnal than a deep berry. This lipstick colour has a beautiful rich tone that is bold and flattering. I was never a dark-lip kinda gal until I discovered this shade, and even then it definitely isn’t too dark.

We can all relate to the fear of applying a bold lipstick only for it to smudge and make you look like a right numpty,, but the texture of this autumn lipstick ensures that this doesn’t happen. It has excellent staying power – perfect for an evening of food and drink.

Cashmere Silk, NYX Lip LingerieScreen Shot 2018-10-13 at 11.56.32Lipstick Shades

I’ve tried a fair few liquid lipsticks before, some from really top and expensive brands, but I’ve nearly always been slightly disappointed with them. Fast-drying? No. Moisturising? Definitely not. I would say I had pretty much given up on liquid lipsticks altogether until I saw a Youtube video raving about NYX’s Lip Lingerie products. And, as they are only £7, I thought what the heck, better try one.

And thank goodness I did! These liquid lipsticks are by far the best I have tried. They dry instantly with none of that tackiness that can be super annoying, and they stay on really well. The first time I wore this lipstick I kept going to top it up after having a sip of my drink and I just didn’t need to. It’s magic!

My favourite shade is Cashmere Silk and it’s a beautiful nude-beige shade that is brilliant for both daytime and evening occasions. Again, I would say it looks a little different to how it looks on the site – it’s a bit of a cooler tone which is why I enjoy it for autumn. Next time you’re at your local Boots (unless you live in Harrogate, which seems like the only large Boots store in the UK without a bloomin’ NYX counter) go to the NYX concession and treat yourself to one of their liquid lipsticks. They have some beautiful autumn lipstick shades!

Gin Fashionista X Espresso Mr Martini-6

If you have a favourite autumn lipstick, I’d love to hear it! I’m always looking for an excuse to add to my already-overflowing makeup bag…


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