Brunch of Dreams at Revolución de Cuba in Harrogate

Brunch of Dreams at Revolución de Cuba in Harrogate

I’m already regretting writing this whilst I’m hungry…

Everyone who knows me knows that I’m pretty in love obsessed with brunch. I’ve already mentioned on my blog before that it is one of the best inventions ever and I stand by this statement! So when the sales manager at Harrogate’s Revolución de Cuba invited me down to their Bloggers Brunch event to try one of their brunch dishes, I couldn’t say ‘hell yes‘ quick enough!

When you think brunch, you most likely associate it with eggs, toast, bacon, etc, and this tends to be the vibe at most brunch places. Revolución de Cuba, on the other hand, offers this but with a Cuban twist. Let me explain all…

Attention to Detail Gin Fashionista X Espresso Mr Martini-5

We were greeted with a glass of prosecco and a bag full of Cuban treats – rum, cola, and maracas included. Alongside our glasses of fizz, we also had the option of tea and coffee, and it was at this point that the barista got to demonstrate his mad skills… as your typical Instagram-lover, I fully appreciate good coffee art, but this exceeded all that I have seen before! (The barista insisted that his choice of animal was not a reflection on us, so I’m choosing to believe him! Ha).


Tantalising Menu Gin Fashionista X Espresso Mr Martini-5

Naturally, I had done a bit of Instagram stalking to check out the visuals of the Revolución de Cuba brunch menu (I can’t be the only person who does this?). Everything looked full of colour and flavour and I couldn’t wait to try something. I would be lying if I didn’t say that I had already pretty much decided on my food order.

DSC07750I’m usually an eggs and avocado type of gal (basic, I know), but I thought it would be rude not to try something different and more fitting to the whole Revolución de Cuba brand. The Brekki Burrito really had me intrigued – a burrito filled with sausage, chorizo, egg, refried beans, jalapeños and cheese sounded truly mouthwatering, so I had to give it a go! I also felt immediately reassured that I had made a good decision when the lovely waiter told me that it was his favourite dish on the menu – hoorah!

It’s safe to say that I was happy with my decision! The burrito was a bundle of brunch goodness and did not in any way disappoint. The sausage and chorizo added so much flavour and the egg and cheese balanced this out with creamy goodness. And I must say, I’m not one for spice at all, but the occasional jalapeño worked perfectly.

DSC07760.jpgKeiran, my +1, went for the Avocado Brunch with an additional poached egg on top. This came on a thick piece of lovely sourdough toast, covered with veg and accompanied with a side of crispy potatoes. I love that they added their own cuban twist with the potatoes and veg, and it meant that the dish was a lot more substantial than usual avocado brunch options. Kudos to you Revolución de Cuba!

Harrogate Brunch at Revolución de CubaIf there’s one thing that they really have mastered at this place, it’s the combination of vibrant flavours that really bring their dishes to life! It’s a refreshing change to the usual go-to brunch flavours and it definitely isn’t a brunch I will be forgetting anytime soon. Their menu has a good variety of options to choose from, whether you want something carby, veggie, spicy, or eggy, there’s something for all preferences.

Bottomless BrunchGin Fashionista X Espresso Mr Martini-5

One thing I also spotted whilst I was there was their bottomless brunch menu. There’s one thing that is even better than brunch, and that’s bottomless brunch. Bottomless referring to the unlimited refills of alcoholic beverages – what’s not to love! Most bottomless brunch menus let you choose from beer or prosecco, but bottomless brunch at Revolución de Cuba offers both of these AND bloody marys and mojitos. Bottomless mojitos sounds like a dangerous setup but I’m all for it and already planning a date to book it in…

Bottomless Brunch in HarrogateGin Fashionista X Espresso Mr Martini-6I wouldn’t have known that Revolución de Cuba had such a fabulous brunch menu had they not invited me to try it, so thank you to the team for setting everything up so perfectly! Harrogate dwellers – the Revolución de Cuba in Harrogate is located on Parliament street. The restaurant/bar is super spacious and offers the perfect sociable space! Next time you’re searching for a Harrogate brunch place, don’t hesitate to try this one out.



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