The Importance of Maintaining Your Wellbeing Between the Seasons

The Importance of Maintaining Your Wellbeing Between the Seasons

All I need to tell you is that I’m typing this whilst wearing slippers, jeans, and a long-sleeved (albeit very comfortable) jumper for you to realise that the seasons are very much changing. It’s the subject that, naturally, we British have been talking about for the last couple of weeks… autumn, cooler temperatures, darker evenings – you know the drill.

Although we bloody love nattering about the weather, it genuinely is quickly getting to the time of year where the dark evenings and cooler temperatures start to creep in at an alarming rate, and spending lunch times sat on the grass and evenings outside with an ice cold G&T are no longer realistic (or bearable).

Evenings drawing in mean that we inevitably spend more time indoors, which can come as a bit of a shocking change after the last few wonderful vitamin-D packed months. It’s not just a little bit depressing, but it affects everything; our mood, sleep, skin, health. A change in routine and a reduction in healthy fresh air and vitamins, and soon after the heating being turned on in homes and cars, does have a huge impact on you.

To cushion the blow and keep you feeling at your best, it’s important that you start paying more attention to your indoor space and surroundings, placing a large and much-needed focus on your all important wellbeing. I must admit that for me, this isn’t purely because of the benefits of doing so, but equally because I am generally a bit of a sucker for feeling cosy.

Yes, this means candles, fluffy socks, home-cooked meals, time for you, and other home comforts.In Between the FoodA good living space means a good head space, so you should always try to surround yourself with the things you love. When we start hibernating indoors during the cooler months, it’s important to create a sanctuary that you want to spend time in, and a space that makes you feel content and relaxed. Focus on things that you love and that make you feel good – a few scented candles, reed sticks, fluffy cushions, lovely throws – you name it. Think hygge.

Gin Fashionista X Espresso Mr Martini-5We’ve been lucky enough to spend the summer in our favourite shorts, tees, etc, but it’s time to put them away, folks. Something that is quite underrated but great at making you feel rejuvenated is changing your wardrobe over – putting away the summer garments and dusting the cobwebs off our lovely cosy knits. But not just this – washing all of your summer clothes before putting them away too. Making sure that everything is laundered and put away is the most satisfying feeling, and it can really help you feel ready for the next season.

Gin Fashionista X Espresso Mr Martini-5When it gets to the time of year when you wake up to darkness, and come home to darkness (eugh, I feel tired just thinking about it) it can get seriously depressing and affect your energy and mood huuugely. There’s no doubt that it can make you a little grumpier, crankier, tireder… (I’m giving you an excuse for you’re moodiness here, you’re welcome). However, let’s not succumb to the winter-related mood swings.

Everyone has that something that makes them feel good, positive, and productive. It might be the gym, writing, painting, photography – anything. Making a conscious effort to engage in activities you enjoy is a brilliant way of maintaining your wellbeing between the seasons. My go-to activity changes regularly, but I tend to find that making the time to do yoga or go to the gym, and sit down and do some blogging is what really makes me feel good. Choose something to focus on and give yourself time to do what you love!

This Works Perfect Legs Exfoliating BalmI also flippin’ love a face mask and good skincare routine. There’s nothing I love more than doing an evening face mask whilst slathering myself in some good skin treatments. At the moment, as you might have seen on my Instagram, I’m really enjoying the This Works Perfect Legs exfoliating balm as it smells just like a spa.Gin Fashionista X Espresso Mr Martini-5It also isn’t uncommon for people to struggle with sleep as the seasons change – the change in daylight hours has a knock-on effect on your body clock, and this can unfortunately affect your quality of sleep. If this applies to you – you need to try some Pillow Spray. It’s sleep in a bottle and smells a-m-a-z-i-n-g. Neom have mastered their Perfect Night’s Sleep Pillow Mist, and This Works also have a Deep Sleep Pillow Spray. A quick spritz on your pillow can help you to catch those all-important Z’s.

Gin Fashionista X Espresso Mr Martini-6Basically, it’s not pathetic if you start to feel run down or more tired than usual as we head into October and soon-to-be winter. Now is a great time to get into some healthy lifestyle habits – and this doesn’t necessarily mean healthy eating and a tonne of exercise, unless that works for you – but simply giving yourself the opportunity to do what you enjoy and what makes you feel good.


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