Autumn Style Inspiration with Phase Eight

Autumn Style Inspiration with Phase Eight

If there’s one thing that makes the change between seasons from summer to autumn bearable, it’s the excuse (and necessity, of course) to have a wardrobe refresh. Embracing new trends and find new styles. This obviously means shopping – wahoo!

Phase Eight‘s Harrogate store recently got in touch to invite me to a store event they were holding, and to show me some of their exciting new seasonal pieces. Of course, I couldn’t say no – I love shopping at the best of times and hadn’t visited Phase Eight in years, so I took the opportunity to go in and take a peek at their collection.

The lovely Phase Eight ladies welcomed me with a glass of prosecco and immediately started showing me some of their key pieces this autumn! I love it when you go into a store and get a really personal experience – I’m sure I’m not the only person who tends to be drawn to the same clothing styles, which is fine, but I love getting inspiration from the people in the know, you know? This is very much the approach that Phase Eight have to their customers, and I was glad to receive advice on what to go for. It meant that I tried on items that I might have walked straight past.

Midi-Lengths and Autumnal Prints

From my visit, it was very clear that midi-length skirts and dresses are a huge autumn trend this season – they’re the perfect transitional pieces to take us from our summer shorts and give us a chance to breathe before throwing on the long-lengths in winter. What’s even better is that these lengths are so flattering.

I was particularly taken with two of Phase Eight’s beautiful midi dresses, both of which could be dressed up with heels or dressed down with a sloppy jumper thrown over the top. It’s so beneficial to invest (see, shopping is an investment) in versatile items that you can wear again and again without feeling like you’re outfit repeating. Value for money, y’see?

I fell in love with the classic look of their Laudes Stripe Shirt Dress and its contrasting stripe and leaf design, pictured above. This is perhaps one of the most flattering dresses I have worn and the lovely weight of it means that it hangs beautifully and has a lovely movement. It comes paired with a thin buckle belt which brings it in nicely at the waist. It’s such an easy piece to wear – throw it on and you can look effortlessly stylish and comfortable at the same time!

On the same note, I adored the bohemian style of their floaty Livi Ditsy Print Dress – its style is wonderfully autumnal thanks to its deep blue and yellow tones in a floral design. A dress like this is the perfect transitional look for the change of seasons. Dresses don’t have to be formal, either – chuck on a pair of boots, trainers or flats to suit your style and occasion.

It’s no surprise that I brought both of these dresses home with me! It’s so easy to be attracted to the dark greys, browns, blacks and blues in autumn – heck, I own more grey than colour, so I can relate – but adding some striking autumnal patterns can break up these dark tones nicely.

Midi skirts have the same effect in that they have enough length to be suitable for slightly cooler temperatures, but they still have beautiful movement and comfort. Phase Eight have a lovely polka dot skirt that I paired with a simple black polo-neck, which is perfect for A/W. A skirt like this can also look beautiful with some gold or colourful splashes in the form of shoes, accessories, or lipstick, to dress up the look for formal evenings and christmas parties.

If you’re looking for some autumn trends to inspire your wardrobe, midi-lengths and beautiful patterns are a must! Leopard prints, polka dots, and leaf-designs are extremely on-trend and paired with midi-lengths, you have a stylish and flattering look.

For fellow Harrogate dwellers, I recommend taking a visit to the Phase Eight store on James Street. It’s a beautiful shop set over two stylish floors to give you plenty of space to have a mooch.

Gin Fashionista X Espresso Mr Martini-6

Thank you to Claire, Alayna and Jayne for making the shopping experience even more fun than it usually is!

Harrogate Phase Eight Ladies


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