Photoshoot and Afternoon Tea at Bettys

Photoshoot and Afternoon Tea at Bettys

As a girl who has lived in Yorkshire for nearly all of her life, being asked to do a photoshoot with Bettys was a real ‘pinch me’ moment. Not only because I’m a huge foodie and love their treats, but because you just can’t get any more Yorkshire than Bettys.

When you think of the Bettys brand, you’re likely to immediately think of (and crave) their Afternoon Tea. You can therefore imagine my excitement when I was asked to be a part of their photoshoot and model for their official new Afternoon Tea photography, alongside the lovely Harrogate Mama.

The photos in this blog were shot by the talented Olivia Brabbs from Olivia Brabbs Photography and I have kindly been given permission to share them with you lovely lot!

Gin Fashionista X Espresso Mr Martini-5
Lights, Camera, Actionbettys-006_Harrogate_Aug18_OB_LOW

Having had no previous experience in ‘modelling’ for a brand, I really wasn’t sure what to expect. But what I did have experience in was eating food, so luckily my happy face was genuine!

The morning started with a warm welcome by lots of friendly Bettys faces, notably Robyn who is the man behind all of the visual merchandising at Bettys, and a lovely pot of tea to get us ready and raring for the morning.

First up was the makeup station where we had our makeup touched up by Jancey from A Spa Retreat. I’m extremely pleased that she was on hand to add some colour to my face as it was 7.45 in the morning and I probably looked more zombie than human.

One of the most fascinating things about the morning was seeing all of the behind-the-scenes goings on of a shoot like this. I had expected a photographer with a camera and little else, but in addition to all of the camera equipment, the wonderful photographer Olivia Brabbs – check her out – came prepared with various pieces of lighting equipment to help her achieve the perfect shot. Not only this, but there was also an expert food stylist, Joan Ransley, on hand with gloves and tongs to carefully place each triangle sandwich, macaroon, plate settings, etc. She is the hands behind all of the wonderful food placements!

We took photos in a few different settings within the Harrogate tea room, giving us the full Bettys experience and a wonderful range of photographs.

Gin Fashionista X Espresso Mr Martini-5Let’s get onto the good stuff – the food

Afternoon Tea at Bettys - Olivia Brabbs Photography
With Bettys’ passion for excellent flavour combinations and exciting concoctions, they are making a few small but delicious changes to their Traditional Afternoon Tea menu. Newcomers include a wonderful cucumber, dill, and cream cheese sandwich (which I can confirm is extremely delicious), and an equally delicious chocolate and hazelnut pave.

If you have yet to try Bettys’ Afternoon Tea, you must get it on your list of things to do in Yorkshire. It’s a classy affair that feels like a lovely treat, yet you feel completely comfortable and welcome. The food itself is, as you would expect, pretty darn fantastic. And alongside this, the staff are knowledgeable and passionate about the Bettys brand.Afternoon Tea in Harrogate - Olivia Brabbs PhotographyAfternoon Tea makes the perfect gift for someone special (including yourself, of course), and is a fantastic experience for both Yorkshire residents and visitors alike. Bettys is the home of Afternoon Tea, after all.

With tearooms in Harrogate, Harlow Carr, York, Northallerton and Ilkley, you can enjoy Afternoon Tea at all of their wonderful Yorkshire locations. Bettys Tea Room Harrogate - Olivia Brabbs PhotographyAlternatively, if you don’t have time to stop but fancy a few delicious treats to take home with you, the Bettys tea rooms also have a shop filled with fresh sweet and savoury treats. From their famous Fat Rascals to delectable Fondant Fancies (a personal favourite) and beautiful macaroons.

In fact, you might have seen on my Instagram that I was lucky enough to take home a box of their delicious macaroons – what a treat!Bettys Macaroons
I had such a wonderful experience taking part in the Bettys shoot, thank you to the team for asking me to participate and, of course, a huge thank you to Olivia Brabbs, Joan Ransley, Jancey Moorehouse, and Lucy from Harrogate Mama for making the shoot such an enjoyable success!

For more of the photos taken by Olivia Brabbs Photography, and to see Bettys’ new Traditional Afternoon Tea menu, keep scrolling! Their new menu is available from September 12th.


Bettys Traditional Afternoon Tea £19.95

The following sandwich selection:

Cucumber, dill and cream cheese, Coronation chicken, Ham and wholegrain mustard, Scottish smoked salmon

A sultana scone with strawberry preserve and clotted cream

The following miniature cake selection:

Chocolate and hazelnut pave, Lemon and orange macaroon, Fresh fruit tart

A teapot for one of Tea Room Blend tea


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