The Best and Easiest Sangria Recipe You Will Find

The Best and Easiest Sangria Recipe You Will Find

Nothing says summer quite like a large, chilled glass of fruity Sangria when sat by the pool on an amazing holiday. Whilst I can’t provide you two of those things (I’m working on it), I can make your Sangria desires come to fruition – pun intended.

I always associate Pimms, G&Ts and Sangria with summer, but I have been loving the latter this year. A week’s holiday in Majorca last year was fuelled by copious amounts of Sangria jugs and it got me thinking – Sangria at home just never tastes the same. I’ve tried so many recipes, complicated and easy, and it just never quite tastes right. However, I have since stumbled across (literally – too much sangria) a super easy and super delicious Sangria recipe. So delicious, in fact, that I still love it a year since discovering it!

When I say that the recipe is easy, it’s almost TOO easy – to the point where I wondered if I could even justify writing a blog post about it. But folks, it’s that damn great that it would be rude not to share.

Now, despite it being a super easy concoction, we really went to town on the photos… and as a result this is a very visual recipe. I’m just that creative.

Easy Sangria Recipe

Pick Up Your Ingredients

Everything you need is in this very photo (minus ice as it would melt within 30 seconds in this British heatwave so had to be kept in the freezer during the photo).

Raid your cupboard for an unwanted bottle of red wine or go to your local supermarket and grab something that’s on offer. You don’t need to use your finest bottle at all, cheap and cheerful is more than acceptable when making Sangria.

All that you need to add to the red wine is a little Orange and Lemon Fanta combination. Go for the big bottles if you’re planning on making a few jugs, otherwise a small bottle will do!

At the same time, pick up a few varieties of fruit. I chose apples, strawberries and grapes, as the Fanta was already going to be bringing the zesty lemon and orange flavours.

Easy Sangria Recipe Step 2

Chop Your Fruit

Before starting your Sangria concoction, chop up the pieces of fruit so that it’s ready to go! Get the fruit into small sized chunks that can fit into a glass without taking up the whole flippin’ thing – we aren’t playing apple bobbing after all.

Easy Sangria Recipe Step 3

Add Your Ice

It’s a race against time at this point, but make sure you put in plenty of ice so it doesn’t instantly melt!

Easy Sangria Recipe Step 4

Chuck in the Fruit

Once your ice is in, put your chopped fruit into your jug. You want to do this before pouring in the liquids as it can cause a bit of a splash otherwise. Trust me, red wine splashes are a nightmare,

Warning: too much fruit = less sangria so don’t go as crazy as I did in the above photo.

Easy Sangria Recipe Step 5

Pour Your Red Wine into the Jug

Time for the satisfying glug as you pour a whole bottle of red wine into your jug. Of course, you don’t have to pour as much as this if your jug isn’t big enough, but being able to pour the whole thing keeps the ratios nice and simple.

Easy Sangria Recipe Step 2

Add Both Fanta Flavours

Once the red wine is poured, most pitcher-sized jugs have about 1/4 of its space left. All you need to do is fill this space with an equal combination of Fanta Orange and Lemon. This adds the perfect amount to give your cocktail that fruity sangria taste, but isn’t enough to make it fizzy or take away from the red wine too much.

Easy Sangria Recipe Step 7

Stir Away

Once you’ve filled the jug to a reasonable level that still allows you to pour, give it a little stir to fully mix the wine, fanta, and fruit together.

Red Sangria Recipe

Pour and Enjoy

And last but not least – find some hefty-sized glasses (gin glasses are perfect) and pour a good mix of Sangria and fruit into the glass! And there you have it! A ridiculously easy sangria recipe that tastes divine. You can alter the ratios to suit your taste!

Friday night? Sorted. BBQ? Sorted. Wednesday? Perfect. 


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