Free Photo Editing Apps to Revamp Your Insta

Free Photo Editing Apps to Revamp Your Insta

Instagram has grown from strength to strength and the number of users to on the site is a reflection of this! What started off as a platform to simply share photos, has become a way for brands to engage with their target market and for content-creators to reach their current and potential audience. Instagram is life.

Gone are the days of only editing images directly on the Instagram app. Although this is still possible and I know people do still do this, there are so many more tools to get your Instagram looking mighty fine in the form of fabulous free Instagram photo editing apps!

Are you looking to revamp your Insta? The following three free photo apps single handedly run my Instagram and you need to check them out…

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VSCO LogoThis is an application I have used for yonks. It’s a brilliant free photo editing app that is so easy to use. With great filter options and tools, VSCO offers a brilliant technique for getting your photos looking top notch before uploading to Instagram. If you want to make your photo brighter, dim the highlights, or increase the saturation – it’s so easy to do using simple sliders within the app.

VSCO gives you a good range of free filters. You can also edit the ‘strength’ of each filter to control how filtered you want your image to look, which is a feature I love because I don’t like my photos looking too filtered.

In addition to the free options, VSCO also gives you the opportunity to purchase further filter bundles. This is by no means necessary to get the most out of the app, but it means that you can adapt the app to suit you when you want something new!

When you upload a photo to VSCO, it becomes stored in your ‘studio’, where you can easily keep track of the photos you’ve edited. It’s a great free Instagram editing app if you want to be able to edit photos easily and quickly, and if you create a combination of edits that you love, you can turn it into a preset that you can easily use for future photos.

This is an app that offers pretty much everything you need in one place. Finding a filter that you love really helps to bring your photos to life and get your Instagram looking top notch, and VSCO has some great options!

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Lightroom CC

Lightroom CC LogoYou might have heard of the Lightroom editing tool for desktop. This is a paid Adobe tool used to edit photographs, and is much-loved by professionals who know what they’re doing and creatives searching for a good level of editing abilities.

However, Lightroom also has a free mobile version that is perfect if you want more editing power than an application like VSCO. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t find the app slightly confusing when I first started using it… the functions are quite different to most editing applications I have used before, but it’s so easy once you give it a few goes!

As with VSCO, Lightroom offers tools to adjust the lighting and colouring of your photographs. Compared to VSCO, Lightroom CC gives you more control and options for the same type of alterations, with much more scope for editing your photos.

Unlike the usual slider setup, Lightroom CC also allows you to edit the lighting of a photo – including exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows, whites, and blacks – via a curve that you can move to make adjustments. This is one of my favourite features of the app as it makes editing much quicker! Instead of a range of filters, this app offers a few presets that are a great shortcut to quickly achieving different looks with your photos.

Lightroom CC is definitely the app for making advanced adjustments to photos, whereas VSCO is great for its filters.

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Unfold AppThose jazzy Instagram stories that you’ve been seeing some of your favourite Instagrammers use? Yep, that’s Unfold. It’s a new kid on the photo editing block and it’s taking everyone’s Story-game by storm.

Unfold provides you with lots of formatting options as opposed to the usual full-screen photo that Instagram Stories usually allows you to post. The Unfold app is free to use, with the option of paying for additional packages with further features.

Instagram Stories have become such a huge thing and I love the option of changing the visuals of photos and keeping things interesting. You can really go to town with photo formatting, text layouts and various fonts.

The beauty of Instagram is that you can curate photos that are exactly to your style, and this is made even easier with apps like VSCO, Lightroom CC, and Unfold. If you have yet to try any of these apps, I highly recommend that you give them a go! I’d also love to hear of your favourite apps, and head over to my Instagram to check out the style of photo I am currently going for! 





  1. July 15, 2018 / 7:02 pm

    My favourite Editing app is Snapseed! I absolutely love Unfold though, and should finally download the Lightroom app, everyone seems to love that one! Xx

    • July 19, 2018 / 7:44 am

      Ah I need to try Snapseed more! I have downloaded it but not spent much time trying it out… Lightroom can seem daunting at first but it’s super easy once you get the hang of it! Xx

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