My Summer Holiday Style Guide

Summer Holiday Style Guide

Hello lovelies! Welcome back to In Between the Food, aka my spending diary. I’m back with another style guide, because I just had to show you some of my favourite purchases for the summer (so far).

I always end up buying new holiday clothes each year. This is largely because (are you ready for me trying to justify my spending…), even if it’s just a few things – depending on what you would define as a few, it makes me feel as though I’ve had a little summer wardrobe refresh. As well as satisfying my shopping addiction, of course.

To stop myself from pathetically attempting to justify my spending habits any further, let’s crack on with my favourite holiday styles this year, shall we?

Summer Dresses

Summer Style - ASOS Halterneck DressI love day dresses when on holiday; they’re so easy, floaty, and extremely comfortable for the warmer temperatures. Not to mention incredibly chic – a necessity for Mykonos. ASOS answered all of my holiday wardrobe prayers this year, particularly with this cute swing sundress number. It’s such a flattering style and the halter neck is great for keeping the back nice and open… I never miss an opportunity to tan.

This ASOS DESIGN Mixed Stripe Layered Beach Dress caused a little confusion over on the insta as it looks a little like a playsuit, but I actually wore shorts underneath to avoid any Marilyn Monroe moments (less classy Marilyn Monroe moments). I’m not tall in the slightest – although average in height, can I point out – but I changed the length of the straps to bring the dress a bit higher on the chest. This ultimately made it a little short and in need of some shorts, but this probably wasn’t a bad thing as Mykonos was rather windy and I think my dignity could’ve been lost no matter how long it was!

Do the dresses stop there? Absolutely not. This Navy chevron dress was another summer holiday favourite. I’ve always loved navy, it’s a super flattering colour and it goes pretty damn well with a tan! Although I had intended for this to be a day dress, it would have been just a little too warm with the slightly longer sleeves, and the material isn’t as cool as the other dresses I just mentioned. However, it was great for early evening temperatures and will be suitable for our oh-so-British summer!

Loose-Fitting Shorts

Holiday Outfit InspirationYou might remember these shorts from my guide to casual tailoring post and I think this demonstrates just how versatile they are. To be honest, they’re an absolute dream in warmer weather. The loose-fitting and light-materialed design is great for keeping cool on holiday adventures. Girls, you will know the struggle of wearing tight shorts and having to sit or walk in them for a long time… it ain’t comfy. So if you’re lacking a pair of loose and holiday-friendly shorts in your wardrobe, treat yo’self!

Beach Trousers

Holiday Beach TrousersThese were one of my absolute favourite items for my holiday – the split leg beach trousers by Akasa and found on ASOS. They were the comfiest, floatiest, and easiest things to wear over my bikini when mooching around the pool area. They are the perfect lighter layer and not the type of material to feel uncomfortable or stick to your suncream throughout the day. Instead, they were extremely airy and cooling when I needed it. They have a beautiful and subtle chevron/geometric design printed all over them, and the high-waist makes them really comfortable.

I’m quite aware that the picture doesn’t show them to their full potential (excuse the non-styled hair and make-up-less face combination), but I can’t recommend enough investing in a pair of floaty, comfortable beach trousers for a warm holiday.


Summer Holiday AccessoriesNo summer style guide would be complete without accessories, so I need to show you the ones I’ve been loving. Firstly, let’s start with the beautiful Bessie London slanted tote bag. I absolutely fell in love with it when I saw it – it’s the perfect size and has a strap that allows you to hang it on your shoulder. It looks so wonderfully summery with the colour combination and has been a recent favourite of mine both on holiday and at home.

The suuuuper cute sliders that you can see in the image above are a brilliant Primark find! I hadn’t yet jumped on the slider hype but these were too feminine and pink to avoid. As they were from Primark, they were obviously a bargain and the fact that they are extremely comfortable is an added bonus (beauty before comfort).

Quay Australia Sunglasses And of course, we gotta talk about the sassy Quay Australia sunglasses. These glam sunnies had the perfect Mykonos vibe, and I always get so many comments on them (I’ve also realised that when people are looking at me intently, they are actually staring at themselves in the mirrored lenses). These are my second pair of QA sunglasses and I’m sure they won’t be my last – they’re a great fit and style. Unfortunately though, I think I got these in the sale and I can’t seem to find them on their website, but honestly take a look at their site as they have lots of similar styles.

And there you have it, some of my favourite summer holiday styles this year! You don’t have to spend a fortune to add some new pieces to your suitcase – all of the items I have mentioned are super duper affordable. I’d love to hear what your favourite styles are this summer, let me know!



  1. June 11, 2018 / 5:49 pm

    You nailed it with all these items Mz Saf, love that beach pants!!

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