Best Burger Place in the North East

Best Burger Place in the North East

Aside from my love for gin and in addition to my general love of food; I am the biggest burger-addict. I just appreciate a damn good burger and I’m actually surprised that it’s taken me this long to feature a burger place on the blog…

During my university years in Newcastle, Fat Hippo was my saviour. Through the tedious revision, painful hangovers, and general hangry moments, it nearly always led to a Fat Hippo visit. It was only a few streets away from our house in Jesmond, afterall.

In fact, the lack of Fat Hippo in my life is probably one of the things I miss most about uni – a bold but true claim.

Luckily, Fat Hippo has extended its burger-branches to Durham, which isn’t too far from me. Certainly not far enough to avoid a drive up there… which is why my boyfriend and I ventured up yesterday to satisfy the cravings that have been going on pretty much since I left Newcastle.

Want to see what all the fuss is about? Let’s dig in…

Fat Hippo, Durham

36 Saddler St, Durham DH1 3NU 

Drinks at Fat HippoThe whole Fat Hippo brand is dedicated to burgers, so the menu has a burger (or four) that will appeal to everyone. Featuring names such as Born Slippy, and, Filthy Animal, these burgers aren’t your average kind. One of them even contains Peanut Butter and Bacon jam(!). All of them are tempting and it’s lucky that there aren’t too many options or it would be too much to handle – particularly for indecisive beings like myself.Fat Hippo FoodAs well as the burgers, they have some mouth-watering starters to wet your appetite. I chose, and always will choose, the Filthy Skins; a pile of double fried potato skins slathered in ‘filthy’ sauce and topped with bacon bits. The sauce is ridiculously tasty and has a slight kick to it (ever so slight – I can’t handle spice but I can handle this).

Fat Hippo Burger

The Fat Hippo BurgerBut Fat Hippo is all about the burgers and that’s what they have built their burger-licious reputation on.

I guess you could say that I’m one of those people that struggles not to order the same thing over and over again because I know it’s so damn good. But I have bravely tried a few of the other burgers before and, although delicious, the Fat Hippo burger is where the party’s at.

Featuring a double 4oz patty, streaky bacon, chorizo, cheese, onion rings and Fat Hippo sauce – it’s the absolute dream. And yes, all of this is squeezed between the brioche bun.Burgers in DurhamIt’s one of those burgers that arrives and makes you think how on this earth am I going to eat this? And it can involve a little destructing, but it’s so worth it. The brioche bun, the fat hippo sauce… the combination of flavours is heavenly. Not to mention the succulent beef. Can you tell that I’m writing this whilst I’m hungry hangry?

I usually upgrade my fries to sweet potato (because I’m basic), but also because Fat Hippo has wholeheartedly mastered them. They’re crunchy, salty, and sweet all at the same time, and it’s nice to balance out the savoury burger flavours with the sweet potato.

The Fat Hippo Feel

(And no, I’m not referring to how you feel after demolishing their burgers)

Fat Hippo DurhamAs you can see from the ‘GOOD OLD FASHIONED GET IT ALL OVER YOUR FACE FOOD’ neon sign, ‘BURGERLAB’ print, and Instagrammable lights, the decor is ambient and chic. Each Fat Hippo establishment is different; one is underground, one feels like you’re in someone’s cosy living room, and the Durham Fat Hippo premises is set over a couple of floors.

All of the restaurants, and those working in them, feel like a friendly family. The result is a cosy and casual atmosphere that is the perfect setting to enjoy some hearty food and a few drinks. The decor is a no-fuss style, just wooden tables, benches, chairs, and some clever signage. It’s basic but doesn’t need to be anything more than that; it still manages to look super cool and makes you feel immediately comfortable and relaxed.

If you’re craving burgers in durham, or indeed Newcastle, Fat Hippo is your place. Tempt yourself with a look on their menu, but good luck trying to resist.


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