Transitional Coats to Take You Between the Seasons

Transitional Coats to Take You Between Seasons

How bloomin’ beautiful is this weather?! We’ve gone from snow to sunburn in a quick minute. Vitamin D levels are at an all-time high, life feels pretty damn great, and more importantly – the gin is flowing.

I’m over the moon to have more than a day’s worth of nice weather. However – I don’t know about everyone else, but I wake up on a morning not really knowing how to dress. Temperatures get warmer throughout the day but mornings tend to be pretty chilly, and the forecast changes quicker than I can blink. So, alongside stalking my Metoffice app like there’s no tomorrow, I’m sat raiding my wardrobe to find an outfit that tailors to all possible weather-type-scenarios.

I’ve found that the best way to deal with this extremely annoying situation is by layering, and I’ve been doing my research (aka utilising my unhealthy online shopping habits) to find some superb in-between-seasons coats. I’ve gathered a pretty good bunch, take a look!

Casual Duster Coat

Topshop Window Pane Duster CoatAlthough we’re all ready to put the winter coats back into the deep dark depths of our wardrobes, the reality is that we still need something for spring/summer. As you know, I’m partial to a blazer or cardigan, but these aren’t suitable for all weather types.

I knew I could count on Topshop to supply me with a dreamy transitional coat. This Window Pane Duster Coat is everything you need from a coat between the seasons – it’s lightweight and comfortable but still enough of a layer to combat against a little chill.

Topshop Transitional CoatThe grey and black check design is a dream to style and sits beautifully over most outfits – particularly if, like me, most of your wardrobe consists of greys and blacks (I’ll stop wearing black when they invent a darker colour). The length is also beautiful, although I think it’s intended to be a little shorter… unfortunately, we’re not all blessed with height (I’m still above average, just so you know).

This lovely spring coat has a nice structure to it – the lightweight cotton material gives it a slight rigidity that looks smart and hangs really nicely. The cotton also makes it super breathable and therefore a wonderful spring/summer coat option. Great transitional coat, Topshop!

Chuck On Coat

Topshop Checked Jersey Chuck On CoatI didn’t make this name up myself, but I think ‘chuck on’ is quite apt! This second Topshop layer is brilliant for throwing over your outfit. As a looser and softer coat than the previous spring layer, this check dream is a little more casual in fit and feel.

I’m really enjoying adding different versions of check into my wardrobe at the moment; it’s a timeless design that’s always on-trend, and it looks really chic on blazers and coats. Although check is often associated with winter styles, I’ve found it being adapted into lighter, springier, outfit pieces.

Transitional CoatsWhether you’re going for a stroll, popping to the shops, or going for a G&T (wahey) – it’s great to have a light and comfortable layer on hand. Remember, G&Ts are cold so this can make you feel the chill (and if it isn’t served cold… leave).

With this transitional coat being so light, it’s a lot easier to carry around than heavier options. There’s nothing bloody worse than lugging a heavy coat around with you… it means that less hands are free for shopping. On the contrary, this coat is very much a light and stylish addition to a spring or summer outfit.

Classic Trench 

ASOS DESIGN classic macNothing says spring like the light trench coat! I haven’t had one in my wardrobe for a good few years and it felt like something was missing… the trench coat is one that you can always rely on. It looks classy and chic with absolute ease and goes with pretty much anything.

To reignite my love for this classic style, I found this lovely trench coat from ASOS. Technically, they have labelled it as a mac, but I think trench is far more accurate. It’s a style of coat that everyone should try and invest in at some point, (have I ever said that I’m an extremely bad influence when it comes to shopping?) and there’s no shortage of them in high street shops. There are many different styles to choose from – long, short, beige, black. The options are endless.

DSC03660This particularly ASOS trench is fitted and really flattering, Most of my layers are oversized or loose and so it’s a refreshing change to have something more fitted. I love the stone colour of this transitional coat – it’s pretty similar to the classic ‘trench’ camel colour, but it’s a little more on the cool grey side (of course I had to adapt it to my grey obsession).

I hope these transitional coat styles have inspired you to make an addition to your spring/summer layers. Out of the usual online stores, I was by far the most impressed with ASOS and Topshop‘s coat collections. I highly recommend giving them a browse!


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