A Guide to Casual Tailoring

Boohoo stripe sport trousers and top

Hello all! I’m writing this on a relatively sunny day in lovely Yorkshire and I’m beginning to think that Spring might actuallyfinally, have sprung. I’m not sure about you, but I’m more than ready to put the scarves back into their summer storage and trade the oversized jumpers for lighter layers.

It’s been a long winter and I’m growing tired of wearing the same winter trends day in, day out. It’s time for a wardrobe refresh and in addition to my go-to spring styles, I’m loving another trend in particular at the moment…

Tailoring is a style we usually associate with being smartstructured, and suited. And whilst it certainly is all of that, it’s also so much more. Pinstripe designs and structured suits have been transformed into more casual and wearable styles, resulting in an extremely versatile look that can be mixed and matched to create an outfit that resembles your very own style.

It started with a blazer

I’ve always loved a tailored blazer and I think it’s the perfect spring layer, but why stop there? Tailored trousers, tailored tops, tailored suits – the world of tailoring is your oyster! And it can be as casual or smart, baggy or fitted, simple or jazzy as you bloomin’-well like.

The Power Suit

New Look power suitThe power suit is very much back and it’s a style I’m loving at the moment. That’s right, suits have ventured out of the realms of workwear and have found themselves on catwalks, red carpets, and so many instagrams (guilty).

Don’t be put off by the clean lines and defined shoulders – suits have become more than accepted as a casual look that is super chic and very stylish. And as a girl of practicality (or laziness?), a suited outfit is also easy – once you decide on wearing a suit, it’s nearly your whole outfit constructed instantly. Throw on a simple t-shirt and some heels or trainers and jobs a good’un.

New Look women's suitYes you could wear it to work, but yes you could wear it out for coffee on a Saturday afternoon. There’s something wonderfully empowering about wearing a suit. It emanates confidence and style and I recommend that you give it a try.

New look are among the highstreet brands incorporating suits as part of their SS18 collection. If you want to dabble in the suit-trend, it doesn’t have to cost you much! Their stone check longline blazer and matching slim leg trousers are the perfect compromise between a smart, tailored style and a softer more slouchy look. The trousers and blazer are structured but not too structured – wonderfully casual with my ‘WEEKEND’ tee.

Tailored Sports Luxe

Boohoo tailored outfit co-ordWe already know how much I love sports luxe as a style and this obsession isn’t going away anytime soon. It was therefore an utterly romantic match-made-in-heaven when I found this outfit – sports luxe meets pinstripe tailoring. Although very different from the power suit, it’s a play on the tailoring trend all the same.

Causal tailoring with Boohoo outfitSimilarly to the suit, this co-ord constructs your whole outfit and is a dream to style – trainers, heels, boots – your footwear can define how you want this outfit to look. Casual, smart, edgy, it’s all possible.

I wasn’t sure what to expect but the pinstripe trousers are a nice, skinny fit, and the oversized top is light and comfortable. What’s better is that both the top and trousers can be styled separately with ease. Both are extremely light and also stretchy, so a great layer for spring/summer.

This type of outfit is ideal for anyone looking for some comfortable casual tailoring or sports luxe with an edge. Plus, it’s so bloomin’ comfortable that it would be brilliant for lounging around the house or travelling in (again, practical head is on).

Smart-Casual Tailoring

Boohoo stripe blazer and shortsPrepare yourself for these pictures – they feature bare legs. Actual legs, not just knees through ripped jeans – full on, legs. I know I know, the nation’s legs haven’t really been seen since last August so it might come as a bit of a shock to all. 

I can’t keep myself from dreaming of shorts-weather in sunny summer. I like to think it isn’t too far in the future but thankfully I am escaping to a holiday in Mykonos next month.

Obviously, holiday shopping is well underway. And on my wardrobe refresh I came across this Boohoo stripe blazer and matching shorts. I love the length of these bottoms – they’re long and boyish compared to shorter and tighter styles. The cut is baggy and lightweight, perfect for holidays and those British summer days that are actually warm. Oh and they probably look pretty good when they’re not creased too…

Tailored outfit inspirationI styled this outfit with my boyfriend’s t-shirt to add to the ‘boyish’ oversized style of the shorts. I think it works quite nicely against the fitted blazer – thoughts?

The high waisted paperbag style is a look that I’ve been loving for a while, particularly with my workwear. It’s an extremely flattering and comfortable appearance for shorts and trousers alike as they sit nicely above your hips. I therefore pretty much fell in love with this outfit. The combination of the pinstripe and paperbag design makes these shorts look wonderfully smart and stylish, yet able to be worn comfortably and casually.

The blazer has beautiful shoulder pads that make it look very much like a blazer you would wear to an important work meeting, and I love that. It’s tailored and flattering but looks lovely as a co-ord with the matching paperbag shorts.

There are three different and light coloured options available, although they keep going in and out of stock so act fast. I love that I’ll be able to wear the shorts separately in Mykonos and, when an added layer is needed in the UK (which it will be), the blazer is the perfect matching accompaniment.

Tailored stripe co-ord from BoohooBoth items feel so comfortable. The shorts are extremely light and the blazer feels substantial and a good quality. The point of this outfit is to show that you can oh-so-easily achieve a smart-casual look with tailoring. It doesn’t get much smarter than the structured stripe blazer but paired with the shorts that are fun and playful, the look and purpose of the outfit completely changes.

Which look is your favourite? Have you invested in any tailored pieces recently? I’d love to see how you’ve been styling them! I’ve loved playing around with these outfits and I’m glad the rain stopped long enough for me to actually wear and snap them for this post.

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter and enjoyed reading about this style – don’t forget to head over to my Instagram for many more outfit photos! 



  1. April 10, 2018 / 8:47 am

    Amazing post! I love all of the outfits, they are all so elegant but casual at the same time!

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