Sweat it Out in Harrogate

Sweat it Out in Harrogate

It’s crawling (slowly, but surely) towards the time of year where it’s no longer acceptable to sit on your backside and slob around day in, day out. Sorry folks, the slob-party is over and it’s time for us to get back into gear!

I’m not sure whether it’s the fresh spring air or the thought of a lovely beach holiday that gets me kicking myself up the bum and into action. I’ve been making a very conscious effort to go to the gym on the regular (aside from the last week or so, but let’s not talk about that), and I’m feeling much better for it! But I’m always looking for new ways to increase my fitness and try something new – in between looking at new places to eat, which is a full-time hobby…

Although I like to be a regular gym-goer, it’s certainly not for everyone and many people can’t make the time to fit it in. I, on the other hand, go to a gym that is just around the corner from my work and I literally have to walk past it to get to my car – no excuses possible.

If any of you lovely Yorkshire dwellers are wanting to throw yourself into a new fitness class that you can attend as and when you have the time, or are perhaps ready to join a motivational gym, I might have just the answer.

HG3 Fitness, Harrogate

Follifoot Ridge Business Park, Pannal Road, HG3 1DP

HG3 HG3 Fitness

Pete Davis, co-owner of HG3 Fitness, got in touch with me at the end of last year. He wanted to spread the word about his fantastic fitness facilities and hoped that In Between the Food would be a great Harrogate blog to reach the right audience. Of course, I had to give it a try and see what they had to offer!

This gym works alongside its members to achieve results and reach personal goals. With various classes and the ability to use the gym for own workouts, it has so much to offer its members – from active kids to strong mums, all ages and abilities are welcomed. This place is perfect for any of you who may be looking for something more than your average gym, whether it be in terms of a challenge, guidance and motivation, or some fab classes.

Sweat Class at HG3 Fitness

Sweat Fitness Class, Harrogate

HG3 recently extended their fitness-fanatic-family to include their newest team member – Sarah Brooks, and with Sarah came a whole new fitness class – Sweat! A high intensity interval training (HIIT) class aimed at all fitness levels.

Usually, the words intensity and interval training would cause me to run a mile (more like jog, at a push), but with Sarah’s friendly face and updates from their Instagram, I felt comforted that I wouldn’t be expected to be a whiz around the circuit! Which I definitely wasn’t.

See What You’re Capable Of

HG3 Fitness Gym in Harrogate

Starting a new gym or workout class can be extremely daunting… will everyone be super fit? Will it be too hard for me? Is it really that bad if I commit to being a couch potato for life? I’m by no means a fitness expert and these thoughts certainly ran (again, probably jogged) through my head. But I can confidently say that Sweat’s HIIT is a class that’s worth trying. You probably won’t be the fittest one there but you probably won’t be the un-fittest either and hey, who cares!

No matter what level of fitness you’re at, these classes are designed for you to give your absolute all for 45 minutes. It’s called high intensity for a reason and it certainly doesn’t fall short of that! Whether you’re a fitness guru or a couch potato – you’re going to find it hard, but it’s completely achievable.

Bare with me a minute – I’m about to sound all professional but try not to laugh.To get the most out of a workout, you need a few important things: motivationconfidence in your abilities, and the right facilities (un-intentional rhyming – I’m not that lame). HG3 Fitness and Sweat offer all of these. Sarah and Pete’s encouragement throughout the classes are a great driving force behind pushing you to do your best, but so is the encouragement from the people around you. With this support and the ability to tailor exercises to you, you soon start to built up confidence that you can actually do the workout.

Think all or nothing

A great feature of HIIT is that you work everything. Hell, I ached in places I didn’t even know existed! It’s an absolute full-body workout that is ideal for anyone looking to shed some pounds or just to increase overall fitness levels. No matter what area of the country you’re at, Google your nearest HIIT class and give it a try.

Anything high intensity is going to be a challenge, but its empowering to see just what you’re capable of doing. These Sweat classes really push you and it’s shocking how much you can do when you set your mind to it. I was so ready to give up on too many occasions because I convinced myself that there was no bloomin’ way I could do another box jump. But your inhibitions are your biggest enemy and you don’t need a negative Nancy like that in your life!

Different Exercises Each Week


It can be hard to motivate yourself in the gym when you’re doing the same shenanigans day in, day out. It’s something I’ve struggled with in previous gyms and it’s not ideal for many who need that little push towards becoming a fitter version of themselves! It’s also hard when you have no flippin’ idea how to use anything and instead end up doing the same fail-safes over and over… can you tell I’m speaking from experience?

At Sweat, though, no class is the same. Some classes involve working in pairs to reach an end goal and others can involve working individually with everyone going through the exercises together, but at their own pace. This is a brilliant motivation to workout – interval training is no easy feat but this sociable and supportive environment helps to make it fun and gets you achieving your absolute best.

Never a Dull Moment

Sweaty Betty

This motivational Sweat class has caught the eyes of some wonderful and well-known brands, including Sweaty Betty and Neom. Last week, the Harrogate Sweaty Betty team did a Sweat ‘takeover’ and it was brilliant to workout alongside a much-loved brand. The Sweaty Betty goodie bag was the icing on the cake! This Harrogate fitness class is a great asset to the lovely Harrogate community and it feels pretty fab to be a part of it.

Sweaty Betty Takeover at Sweat

How to Get Involved

Sweat is an extremely motivational environment and it’s becoming more and more popular as each sweaty-week passes! What started as a two-per-week-show is now becoming a daily class (from April 16th).

Although there’s no shortage of gyms and fitness classes in Harrogate, HG3 and Sweat are brilliant for those looking for more of a challenge. You’ll learn new exercises and meet some fantastic people along the way. And alongside it being one of the hardest fitness classes I’ve personally tried, it’s also by far the most rewarding and effective. Book a free trial session and see for yourself!



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