The Antidote to Damaged Hair

The Antidote to Damaged Hair

As someone who has been dyeing their hair for many, many years, I’ve had to adapt my hair care to ensure that my hair doesn’t become completely frazzled. To be honest, it got to the point where it was frazzled a few years ago – I had long hair that I was gradually dyeing more and more blonde (professionally – I wasn’t silly enough to do it myself). I loved it but it got to the stage where my hair was just completely dead and unhealthy. The result? I chopped it all off and never looked back!

Alas, I still like to dye my naturally-brunette hair to be lighter in areas. Granted, not to the extent that I used to, but I still have to get parts of it bleached to achieve the look I want. Since cutting it shorter I vowed never to let it become as damaged as it previously was, and it was at this point that I invested in new hair products that would help to protect it through styling and dyeing.

Bed Head Urban Antidotes

Bed Head Urban Antidotes for Damaged HairInvesting in the right shampoo and conditioner is the first step to looking after your hair. It sounds obvious, but I used to use regular high street products that felt like they were doing good, but was told that I could be doing so much more for my hair by investing in something different. I was advised to buy products that are sold to hair salons rather than those primarily sold to consumers!

That’s when I discovered Bed Head’s Urban Antidotes Resurrection Shampoo and Conditioner. This range of products are specifically for hair that has been damaged by chemicals – aka my poor little locks. They’re exactly what they say on the tin – products for hair that needs an intervention. Shampoo and Conditioner for Damaged HairThe shampoo restores all moisture into the hair and works its magic to repair the cuticles and reverse unwanted damage. The conditioner enhances this further and nourishes the hair nicely. I noticed a difference in the feel and look of my hair as soon as I started using this combo and I’ve never looked back – over a year later! My hair has become a lot stronger and more resilient to heat from styling.

Both products smell heavenly, feel really nourishing as soon as they are applied, and leave my hair feeling lovely and soft once washed out. For anyone who dyes and/or bleaches their hair, washing with nourishing and moisturising products makes the world of difference. As many of you will be aware of I’m sure, dyeing hair (particularly bleaching) really dries it out and can either leave hair feeling brittle, elasticated, and/or prone to breaking… I’m speaking from experience.

I buy these products as a set of two 750ml bottles, a brilliant size that lasts a lifetime! Quick tip: search for the products online and browse through the various options on Google shopping – I get mine from a different place each time depending on the price. They’re always on offer somewhere! 

L’Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil

DSC02830I hardly ever let my hair dry naturally and as a result, heat is used on it a lot. I’ve used many heat protection sprays in the past but I could never tell if they were actually working or not. This usually resulted in me ditching them out of my hair routine completely!

When I realised that my hair was starting to look and feel damaged, I knew I was missing something else out of my hair care. When L’Oreal’s extraordinary oil became a big thing a few years ago, I jumped straight onto the bandwagon. As an affordable price and a bottle that says ‘extraordinary’, what is there to lose? – I use this excuse with far too many things in my life.

Products for Damaged HairThis product is quite flexible in how it can be used – whether on wet hair before styling or dry hair after styling. For me, it fits perfectly into my routine as a nourishing serum to apply before drying my hair. I use just one pump and disperse it through my hair with my fingers – focusing mainly on the ends.

I now cannot imagine life without it – not to be dramatic. In fact, if I’m ever staying somewhere and have forgotten to bring it, my hair feels so dry. It restores moisture back into the hair and gives it some much-appreciated rejuvenation without being the slightest bit greasy. It’s super easy to apply and helps to keep bleached hair shiny and protected against heat. It’s a product I recommend to anyone, but it works really well for someone who dyes their hair.

Osmo Berber Oil

Osmo Berber Oil for Dry HairIt might seem a little excessive to incorporate two hair oils into your hair care routine, and maybe it is a bit extra, but it works. Although I had already been incorporating the extraordinary oil into my hair care when I discovered this product, which was working wonders, my ends were that damaged that I needed something more. After a trip to Sally’s Salon Services, I was recommended to try this Berber Oil.

I only apply a tiny bit of this and concentrate the product onto the very ends of my hair – the area that is the most dry. As a type of Argan Oil that is brilliant for dry and split ends, I find that it works a dream. I’m not sure whether it is or not, but it feels a lot more concentrated that the L’Oreal oil, which is why I find it to be a great addition to my hair routine. Firstly, my hair dries a lot quicker after I’ve applied it, which is great for reducing the amount of heat needing to be used on my hair, but it also gives my ends a new lease of life and helps to keep them nourished and soft. It also has UV filters that help to prevent sun damage! Brilliant if you’re lucky enough to live somewhere sunny or for any warm travels abroad – a foreign concept to anyone else looking out of their window to snow right now.

These four products are a brilliant solution to hair care for damaged hair. What’s even better is that they are so affordable and easy to get hold of. It’s important to find hair products that are easy to apply and effective to use, and I’ve found a pretty good bunch that I’m certain would help many others whose hair needs a little TLC!

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