Introducing Spring into Your Wardrobe

Introducing Spring into Your Wardrobe

So a few weeks ago it started to get a little milder. Temperatures were no longer unbearably cold and some flowers were even starting to bloom. Spring was on it’s way! Ha ha – how long that lasted.

I know what you’re thinking (if you, like me, live in the UK), it’s snowing outside and has barely reached about 0 degrees for the past week, and this chick is writing about Spring? I know, but bear with me! Once this March freeze passes, we will (hopefully) start to see temperatures warming up, and that means one thing. Spring wardrobe! Goodbye to having to wear a number of layers that just isn’t cute, goodbye to all of the dark colours (I lie, these will probably still be coming with me), and hello to brighter shades and lighter layers.

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing I love more than winter jumpers. But when these winter jumpers have realistically been worn since last September, it’s time to move on. It’s so refreshing to be able to mix up your wardrobe a little and give it a new lease of life. Not even by buying a whole new set of clothes – unless you’re lucky enough to be able to do that – but just by styling things in ways you haven’t been able to during winter. So, without further ado, here are my tips on introducing a little Spring into your wardrobe.

Slogan TeesSlogan T-Shirts in Spring


Meaning, of a superpower

Slogan tees have been a ‘thing’ for a while now, but it’s already clear that they’re going to be big this SS18. I mean, who doesn’t love a t-shirt with a sassy or motivational saying?

The great thing with slogan tees is that they are super casual and a bit of fun. Tucked into jeans, trousers, or even skirts, they are so easy to throw on whilst still looking stylish. And what’s more, they are the perfect way of adding a touch of colour into an outfit. Colour? It seems so wrong after a winter of darks! But a red/green/yellow/whatever colour slogan is the perfect way of dipping your toes into a touch of vibrance for the start of Spring.

You can find slogan tees from pretty much any high street store. I found my ‘Intuition’ tee from a Zara in Milan but it’s also available in UK stores and online. It’s sassy, it’s red, it’s great! And it’s £7.99 so, what’s not to love. The brilliance of tees is that they make the perfect base layer, they can go underneath blazers, cardigans, jumpers, or coats, and can be worn on their own during the three days of warmth and sunshine that we get in the Summer…

Lighter Layers

Styling Spring Wardrobe with LayersI’ve been so looking forward to ditching the thick winter coats and opting for some lighter layers. Depending on where in the world you are, Spring is still a little chilly and so layers are still a must. But for those days that aren’t too cold, you can style a layer that isn’t a coat and that looks that little bit more stylish. Spring Outfit IdeasOversized blazers are a brilliant Spring layer to rock in your wardrobe. They’re structured but still slightly ‘sloppy’ due to being oversized, and they can be dressed up or down. This checked Zara blazer has brilliantly bold shoulder pads and lovely grey tones that go with pretty much anything. I loved pairing this with my slogan tee as it really made the white and red pop. And to be honest, any layer that has pockets is a winner for me.

Alternatively, a gorgeous chunky cardigan is another great way of layering up a Spring outfit. It’ll provide you with a decent amount of warmth whilst still looking super chic. In fact, this is exactly what I wore last week…

Jeans with a Twist

Spring Fashion 2018

Spring means that we can finally get some air to the ankles! No more of the covering-every-inch-of-your-body-with-a-layer malarkey (anyone would think I live in the antarctic, but the UK is cold). Spring means that you can start putting style before warmth, and slightly cropped jeans are a brilliant way of welcoming Spring with open arms.

There was only one place that I would need to look for jeans, and that was Zara. All of their pairs are well-priced, a great fit, and they have every style you could possibly want. I fell in love with a pair of jeans that have a side-stripe detail down the side, making them even more Spring-friendly. With a light blue and metallic silver stripe, the jazzy colours brighten the jeans up further and are much more fun than the winter jeans I have been rocking. And warmer temperatures also means that the ‘ripped’ effect is socially acceptable again!

Passion for Pumps

Spring Outfit InspirationAdmittedly, I have still been wearing my white trainers throughout the winter months, but I wanted some pumps that were bolder, brighter, and just that little more ‘Springy’. By jove, these lace-up ASOS trainers achieve just that! My basic eyes are drawn to anything rose gold and this metallic tone really does brighten up the look and reflect the light shining onto them. Plus, the ribbon laces are suuuuper cute.ASOS Rose Gold Lace-Up TrainersTrainers are perfect for Spring because they’re still warm enough and are going to keep your feet relatively dry in the rain. It’s not quite time to bring out the loafers or sandals! I was seriously impressed with ASOS’s trainer selection, particularly ones from their own brand. All are a great price and look a lot more expensive than they are. Seriously, check them out!

It feels incredibly wrong to be writing this post whilst looking out of the window to snow and ice, but hey, I’m hoping that my optimism will kick this freeze in the ass and get us into the Spring that we have all been waiting for!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and I hope it has inspired you to start thinking about your Spring wardrobe! Check out my insta for plenty more outfit posts.


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