All the Gear and No Idea

All the Gear and No Idea

“How do I get myself back into the gym?”

It’s a question you see a lot during the first few months after Christmas and the New Year… it’s so hard to get your mojo back after getting into the swing of not working out and instead stuffing your face with everything in sight. And although I’m by no means a gym-guru (hence the name of this blog post), I’ve been itching to write this post as I genuinely have the answer to many people’s gym-resistant problems. Genuinely.

The solution to getting back into the gym doesn’t involve any drastic fitness measures (unless you count carrying shopping bags as exercise, which I wouldn’t judge you for one bit), but instead involves buying new gym clothes. Don’t laugh, it works. As someone with an unhealthy shopping habit and someone who experiences a lack of motivation herself, I have definitely found there to be a correlation between the purchasing of new gym clothes and finding the motivation to get back into the gym.

It’s simple really – if you have new gym wear that makes you feel good, you want to put it to use. It’s like when you buy new anything, you want to wear or use it as soon as possible! Well, the same goes for gym clothes. It can really help you to get your mojo back! I found some new items on my quest for said mojo, and thought I’d share my thoughts.

I had really hoped to get out and about somewhere scenic in Yorkshire with the dales as a backdrop and that beautiful blurred background that is every bloggers dream. However, the crappy British weather rained all over my parade. But instead of giving up altogether, I ran outside and posed in front of my garage as soon as the rain stopped. C o m m i t m e n t.

Gym and Tonic

Gym and Tonic Bag

It all started with this brilliant Aldi gym bag-find. That’s right, Aldi. It’s amazing what you can find in the middle aisle of these stores! Mixed in with a whole section of gym gear was a range of gym bags, and I was utterly consumed by the bright colours and gin-related pun. Plus, it’s genuinely practical to have a bag to put a change of clothes in.

Gym Shark Seamless Energy High Waisted leggingsMy new gym bag inspired me to invest in more gym attire.  These beautifully bold pink leggings (the pink theme of this post is genuinely accidental), are from Gymshark. A brand I had always seen and heard of but not one I had ever tried before. However, after a browse on their website I found myself struggling to decide what not to try.

I was feeling a little adventurous at the time, which is why I opted for something so colourful (I know, not like me at all). But I’m glad I did – I am so impressed by the quality and fit of these Seamless Energy High Waisted leggings. They fit like a glove but aren’t restricting in the slightest (I carried out the squat and lunge test). They’re super high waisted which I always love, and they’re really quite flattering – probably not obvious from my awkward posing. They have a little pattern to jazz it up and also have some ribbed detailing. I must say that when they first arrived they looked TINY. I mean, impossibly small, but actually they are just super stretchy and are fine after a little pulling-up dance (you know the one).

Hush Dolman Sloppy Joe HoodieI like to call this the why-am-I-posing-infront-of-my-garage-wearing-gym-clothes look 

The hoodie is from my much-loved Hush. I love having a sweat top or hoodie to throw on over my gym stuff, it’s great for going to and from the gym in and they’re just so darn cosy. This Hush hoodie is so comfortable and the sleeves have a lovely ribbed detail and a slight batwing. I like the clash of the yellow against the pink and it just feels like a lovely quality. And by the way, they have just launched their new spring/summer collection and it’s pretty delicious. (Pssst, enter code PRESPR18 for free delivery on all things Hush).

Finding the motivation to get back into the gymIf you haven’t tried Primark gym clothes, I’m pretty certain that you would be pleasantly surprised. I’m sometimes in head-to-toe Primark when I go to the gym, and it’s often more comfortable than my branded gear. These trainers were a Primark purchase last summer and I’m still obsessed. They’re ridiculously light and comfortable, and the fact that they are from Primark just blows my mind. Even though I bought them nearly a year ago, Primark have continued to do them in a variety of colours!

Run Now, Wine Later

New Activewear for Workout InspirationLook number 2, introducing my garage wall… just to mix it up.

To continue with the adventurous pink and grey theme are my other Gymshark purchases. I had actually ordered stuff from a whole bunch of sports brands, but Gymshark were the only brand that I was seriously impressed with.

These Gymshark Flex leggings are much more of a low-rise gym legging than the previous pair, with an elasticated waistband and a ‘physique contouring pattern’. Just like the others, they’re super comfy but as they are also meant to be form hugging and figure flattering, they also look pretty great too!Gymshark Top for Gym Workout MotivationThese leggings come in a variety of colour options, all with the contouring pattern. Nothing too fancy schmancy but it just adds a little interest, plus, what’s better than several shades of grey? Overall they’re a really great fit that are extremely comfortable to wear. They’re a lovely material that don’t need to be pulled up every 2 seconds like some do – ain’t no one got time for that.

Any top that has thumbholes has my vote, so this Gymshark top was always going to be a winner for me. The cross-back detail makes it more than just a long-sleeved grey top, but it’s also great for adding some breathability, which is much appreciated when working out, let’s be real. The material itself is really lightweight, super soft, and extremely comfortable. It’s a great top to workout in or just as an extra layer when getting to and from the gym!Fitness Motivation TipsIt’s actually hilarious how well the colour scheme of this outfit has fit together. My mum has had this pink water bottle for years, and I have also been stealing it for years… ‘RUN NOW WINE LATER’ is the biggest motivation I could ever need to gym! Do it for the wine, do it for the wine. Plus, it’s pink – what’s not to love.

If you’ve already jumped on the Gymshark bandwagon, I can understand why. But if you have yet to try them, I highly recommend them as a brand for great activewear that also fit extremely well and make you feel confident and comfortable. Two important C’s when it comes to working out!

I would also like to point out that you don’t need to workout to wear gym clothes. Workout leggings and tops are some of the comfiest things I own and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t writing this in my gym leggings right now…

Additional Fitness Motivation Tips

Another great fitness motivation tip is finding someone to go to the gym with. This is great motivation as you can’t talk yourself out of going without letting the other person down, and unless you’re just heartless, this usually forces your lazy bum to get up and go.

Workout classes are another brilliant way of getting your mojo back. Up until a few weeks ago I had completely fallen out of love with the gym, no motivation, no drive, nothing. But thanks to a change of gym, new workout classes, and of course my brand-spanking-new gym gear, my mojo is back! And yours will be too.

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