Favourite Interior Trends From 2017

Favourite Interior Trends From 2017

Can you believe that 2017 is nearly over?! I know we all say this every year, but where on earth has this year gone?! It’s flippin’ flown by. Having said that, I’m extremely excited to see what 2018 has to offer.

In aid of this year coming to a close, I wanted to drift away from the usual things I have written about (don’t worry, the food posts will commence soon), and instead venture into a love of mine that I haven’t yet covered. Alongside my fondness (obsession) of food and clothing, I adore interiors. Whether it’s through the likes of Pinterest, reading interior magazines, following interior accounts on Instagram, or obsessing over interiors at home, I absolutely love interiors.

Let me just give you a little background info before delving in…

Last year involved a house move out of our family home and into a new one. It was all very exciting but what was most exciting of all, was getting to move into a blank canvas. Mum sold and threw out all of our old furniture and decided to started fresh. This sounds really quite stressful, but it’s from this that my interest in interiors truly blossomed. We turned into a great little interiors team, spending weekends trailing through home stores and shopping online, while also attempting to put furniture together ourselves (turns out I am quite the handyman).

As a result, we’ve styled a home that is very us but also quite on-trend. All of the interior trends I have enjoyed in 2017 have been placed into our home and it’s fab (my Instagram backdrops have certainly improved since the move!). What’s ironic is that I don’t yet have a space of my own to decorate – although I may have already bought bowls and mugs for said space, and my Pinterest boards are ready and raring to be put to good use. But despite this, I’m still able to tickle my interior urges in our new family home.

So without further ado, here are the interior trends I have been loving, accompanied by some photos of our lovely home!

Copper Feels

Interior Trends from 2017

Copper has definitely been the star interior trend of 2017 (if you didn’t already know this, where have you been hiding?!). Copper features have been plastered over Pinterest, Instagram, and magazine covers, and I’m not even ashamed to say that I jumped straight onto this bandwagon.

Copper Lighting

What’s so wonderful about coppery tones is that they add some brilliant warmth and colour to a room without being too overpowering (unless you went a bit copper crazy). I must say, I wasn’t particularly into copper before this trend came about, but I now struggle to steer myself away from anything that is copper. It’s actually a problem.

This ceiling light was discovered on one of many (many) trips to Ikea and it was obviously the one – I’ve since seen it on a few interior programmes and magazines, but we obviously got there first. This ceiling light possesses the perfect balance – the white stands out against the sultry dark wall and the copper contrasts with the white to create a striking feature. In our house, it’s one of the first things you see as you walk through the hallway, so it’s great to have such a feature. I’m so obsessed with it that I got the smaller version for my boudoir.

Copper Decor

Cox & Cox do the most sensational home decorations. These Faux Copper Alliums are the perfect copper feature. If you’re not into the house plant trend, faux copper plants are a brilliantly chic alternative (great for anyone unsure about their capabilities of keeping a plant alive – myself included). These copper plants completely shine out against the deep blue wall colour and sofa, and provide a home accessory that is a little different.

Dark Walls

Industrial Interior Design

Urban and industrial interiors have become increasingly popular over the last few years and I love them. Who would ever have thought that copper tones, exposed pipes, and chunky industrial wooden furniture would become so desirable?! Included in these trends have been colours that are associated with these styles, such as a deep and dark blue.

Although we haven’t quite adopted exposed pipes or industrial furniture, we’ve subtly nodded towards the industrial trend through painting some feature walls in the lovely Farrow & Ball colour you can see from the above photo. I must say, I was slightly scared that we would ruin our super light and bright kitchen. But if anything, it looks even brighter? The lights under the cabinets are now much more visible and really highlight that wall of the kitchen.

Interior Trends

I love interiors that have gone all out industrial. Iron staircases, vintage lighting and furniture, etc, etc. However, you need a certain type of space to be able to adopt the style fully, and I think it’s safe to say a new build isn’t the one… Alas, deep blue walls are often incorporated into industrial styles and even though it doesn’t look industrial in our home, it still produces the same striking feature.


I’m such a fan of this trend as it provides a bold background and really makes a space feel cosy and stylish. Lighting, furnishings, and also the much-loved copper accessories completely stand out against the dark colour. It is much more characterful and admirable than the neutral wall colour we had before.

Scandinavian Touches


Although Scandinavian interiors are all about clean lines, simple shapes and functionality – which is probably the polar opposite of the industrial interior trend – both can work together in perfect harmony.

Scandinavian interiors have been in style for a good few years now and I’m such a fan. The generally pleasing aesthetics and simple colour palettes make a home feel wonderfully relaxing and calm.

You don’t need a completely Scandinavian-style home to appreciate these features, and they work beautifully alongside most decors. These cooee design balls have featured on a few Instagram posts from home bloggers and they’re just fab. They are wonderfully minimalistic and perfect for decorating a side table. Bought from Is To Me, they make the perfect Scandinavian addition to side tables and coffee tables.

Scandinavian Interior Styles

Having a Scandinavian-inspired area is perfect for freshening up a space and providing a light and bright area of peace and tranquility (perfect for that all important fengshui) . These glossy pebble side tables from Danetti are extremely simple but just as beautiful, particularly with the cooee balls and a touch of green (I refuse to take responsibility for the life of this plant). Adding a few features like this are an easy and lovely way of introducing a little Scandinavian into a space.


And you of course can’t have a little Scandinavian without a hint of hygge (hygge book paired with a guide to wine – that’s the key to a balanced life right there).

Hygge noun 

Danish word for a quality of cosiness (= feeling warm, comfortable, and safe) that comes from doing simple things such as lighting candles, baking, or spending time at home with your family:

Ever since uni and moving back home I have appreciated more than ever having a space that is nice and relaxing. There’s nothing better than being able to wind down on an evening or on weekends and just refuel and refresh. I’m not sure if this is a sensible thing or an ageing thing… yes I am only 23 but I’ve fully traded nights out for nights in and it makes me far too happy (although I’m still partial to many G&Ts).

Wishing all of you lovelies a wonderful new year, and here’s to a cracking 2018! This year has been a milestone for me in terms of starting my exciting new blog and I can’t wait to see where it goes next year. Don’t forget to like In Between the Food on Facebook for more updates!

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