Winter in Sports Luxe

Winter in Sports Luxe

Camera update: aside from the trousers, I wanted to do this blog to get some good photos with my new camera… I won’t lie. I’ve started getting my head around the camera, which means that I am now able to teach my chosen photographer to take a good photo!

One day I will learn to go shopping for other people and not end up shopping for myself… that’s right, I got majorly distracted during Christmas shopping last weekend. After yet another splurge in Zara, I found myself leaning towards a few sports luxe styles – a style I have taken a while to brave. But how far I have come, as I could have invested in a good 10 pairs of sports luxe trousers if I had no self restraint (thankfully, I did).

I’ve decided that sports luxe is a great style to wear through the winter – it’s so easy to live in classic jeans while it’s cold, but sporty trousers are a little more exciting. This style started out with actual sports clothing, but has since been adopted by most high street clothing brands in their new lines.
Camera update: aside from the trousers, I wanted to do this blog to get some good photos with my new camera… I won’t lie. I’ve started getting my head around the camera, which means that I am now able to teach my chosen photographer to take a good photo!

Checked Sports Luxe Trousers

Sports Luxe Trend

I’m a sucker for a good pair of grey trousers (and top, evidently). But I could justify these Zara trousers as they had side stripes, with a touch of blue. Therefore, they were unlike any of my other grey trousers… agreed?

You know you need something when you start mentally planning outfits before you’ve even bought it. I was doing just that with these trousers – the elasticated back and rolled up hems are a super casual and cosy fit that I couldn’t wait to add to my wardrobe (because I have such a shortage of clothes…).

What I’ve recently learnt to love about trousers like this is that they are so easy to style. A simple grey top and comfy white trainers were perfect as, really, the trousers do all the talkin’.


One of the reasons I have started to warm to sports luxe is that you can place a few stripes down the side of some otherwise smart trousers and bam, you have a versatile look that combines the smart with the casual.

I could easily see myself wearing these to work on the regular, but I’m trying to hold off doing so as I want to appreciate the newness outside of the office! I’ve already been wearing these trousers with a sloppy jumper, but I’ll also be tempted to pair them with heeled boots or chelsea boots to take the whole sports luxe thing to a new level that is slightly less casual.

As I used to be only a jeans girl – which, don’t get me wrong, I still am for much of my life – it’s good to have a few pairs of trousers to wear instead (any excuse). Just to mix it up a little. Do you find that there are some days when you just can’t be bothered to wear jeans? I have this. Sometimes I want to wear something looser and more comfortable (maybe it’s all the Christmas chocolate I’ve been eating).

High Waisted Sports Luxe Jeans

Sports Luxe Jeans

As much as I am venturing away from jeans, I couldn’t resist adding another pair to my collection. I was sold as soon as I saw these high-waisted sports luxe jeans!

I’m trying to make a conscious effort to introduce some colour to my extremely monochrome wardrobe, and my pathetic attempt resulted in a stripe of red on dark grey jeans… baby steps?

A good pair of comfortable, stretchy, and high-waisted skinny jeans always come in handy. This pair offer something a little more than your average skinny jean with the red velvet stripe on both legs, making them a little sporty and a little jazzy. Unlike many skinny jeans, the stretch in these jeans makes them so comfortable to wear, despite being skinny. Perfect for indulging over Christmas… 

I styled my new purchase with my favourite and oh-so-cosy chenille jumper from my previous blog. Alongside a Mint Velvet coat and White Company scarf. These sports luxe jeans are perfect for me as the red stripe really stands out against my usual neutral and grey tones. A definite improvement to my normal colour scheme!

I love the ankle-grazer length as I usually end up rolling up the hems of my jeans to achieve the same style. Instead, these jeans don’t have hems and are slightly frayed at the ends, perfect for the casual look.

Winter Sports LuxePoor dogs, since when did walks become a photoshoot?

You can’t go wrong with the jeans and a top combo for a casual look, but it’s nice to add a little more style to this combination. The beauty of sports luxe jeans is that they all have a feature that makes them stand out from your other jeans. If you make the investment, you’ll find yourself reaching for them for casual days, drinks, food (thanks to the stretch), and many other occasions!

I’m chuffed with my new purchases and excited to be delving into a new style that I haven’t worn much. The key to the sports luxe style is to have only a few pieces of sporty clothing in the outfit – sometimes even one – paired with non-sporty items. Winter in sports luxe trousers and trainers are an easy and great pairing.

Thank you for taking the time out of this busy Christmas-period to read my Winter in Sports Luxe blog! Head over to my Instagram and Facebook page for photos… lots of photos, and more blog updates!


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