Mud Rituals and Treats at Rudding Park Spa

Mud Rituals and More Treats at Rudding Park Spa

After a weekend (more like half a month) of birthday celebrations, it really took it’s toll. I mean, you should really feel sorry for me. Late nights (later than 9.30), so much food, too much prosecco… it’s a hard life. A trip to the spa was just what I needed…

Named as the best new spa by the Good Spa Guide, I’ve been stalking people’s Instagrams and reviews of Rudding Park Spa for a good few months! There’s absolutely nothing I love more than a spa day. I would happily opt for a day in a robe and slippers than a night out… and I have been dying to go to this spa ever since it opened in the summer.

With this in mind, you can imagine how ecstatic I was when presented with a surprise trip to this spa as a post-birthday treat by my lovely mum. And with my new blogging camera, it was the absolute dream…

Yorkshire’s Finest

Rooftop Garden at Rudding Park Spa

Many Yorkshire folk will already have been to, if not visited, Rudding Park. It’s a wonderful Yorkshire escape whether it be to stay overnight or go for a fine-dining meal at their Clocktower restaurant. Their new spa is an immaculate premises that perfectly blends into its green surroundings with the wide stretches of reflective glass and curvaceous design.

I may have visited spas before, but never one that has been developed so recently. It’s this contemporary touch that makes it stand out from all the rest. The whole spa has been styled and designed spectacularly… everything is so sleek, shiny, and utterly luxurious! Contemporary lines, materials, and finishing touches feature throughout the whole spa.

Before getting stuck into our spa rituals, we were given a grand tour of the luxurious complex (it’s a bloody good job as it would be easy to get lost in the three-floors of spa heaven). Each area can be easily accessed through the use of a silicone band that you are given to wear at the reception, which opens the electronic doors and locker you are given. The premises contains various sensory experiences, a rooftop garden, indoor pool, outdoor hydrotherapy infinity pool, several saunas, foot spas, shower experiences, panoramic views of god’s own country, and more… AKA, everything you could possibly want.

The Spa at Rudding Park

We were booked in to do a mud rasul ritual (could that sound any more spa?), which cleanses your body and fills it with nutrients – perfect after a boozy weekend (month). We were shown to the Rasul room, which was filled with ambient room lighting and relaxing scents. The room was split into two and separated by a glass divide. One part was a place to hang robes and also shower, and the other contained heated seats, ‘rainfall’ showers, and bowls of the mud ritual.

Mud Rasul Ritual at Rudding Park Spa

With three different types of Moorish mud to apply – one for lower body, upper body, and face – you are left to do the ritual yourself and at your own pace. After unwinding and letting the mud dry, the room starts to fill with steam, which is a wonderful peppermint scent that clears your airways completely. The steam opens your pores for your body to better absorb the nutrients, as well as being extremely relaxing. Above the seat is a rain shower, which automatically starts after a certain amount of time. After this washes away the mud, you feel super soft and cleansed. But it’s not over…

The treatment ends with a bowl of nourishing and exfoliating body oil, which you then wash off in the shower. The ritual leaves you feeling beyond relaxed and completely cleansed.

(…Wow, I think I just regurgitated the whole spa shpeal quite well.)

Infinity Pools and Foot Spas 


After treatments you have access to the rest of the spa complex, which is absolutely sensational. For me, the most impressive aspect of the Rudding Park Spa is the number of experiences available for you to do outside of the spa treatments. Instead of the usual swimming pool, jacuzzi, sauna malarkey, this spa has so much more to offer.

My favourite feature was, without a doubt, the hydrotherapy infinity pool. The pool is wonderfully heated and has areas for you to turn on bubbles for an underwater massage. The views are spectacular as you’re literally surrounded by trees and all of the nature that comes with it. There’s something so relaxing about being outside in the cold but being completely warm when immersed in the water. And the steam coming off of the water was perfect for photo opportunities… always a priority.

Okay, I say that my favourite part was the pool, but my other favourite part was the the chocolate cake and complimentary post-birthday prosecco from their Horto cafe… even better when enjoyed over a relaxing foot spa.

Treats from

Afternoon Tea

Aside from brunch, afternoon tea is one of the best food inventions on this planet. Sandwiches, scones, tea, cakes; it’s the best excuse to pig out.

Luckily, the spa facilities have lovely showers and changing rooms, as well as dressing tables to get you looking semi-normal again. And then just a quick walk from the spa is Rudding Park’s Clocktower restaurant.

The Conservatory at Rudding Park Clocktower Restaurant

Rudding Park hold their afternoon tea in their conservatory, with tables surrounding a 400 year-old Olive Tree (it’s not everyday you get to say that). As far as afternoon tea goes, the selection of teas, lovely setting, and wonderful staff makes the experience extremely memorable.

Their afternoon tea begins with an array of sandwiches – egg mayo with mustard cress, salmon with cream cheese and dill, cucumber, and ham with celeriac remoulade. All of which you can have more of! Dangerous…

Once sandwiches have been tackled, they bring out a lovely basket of freshly baked scones, which were followed by the usual cream or jam first debate… (thoughts?).

Aaaand lastly, the good stuff. All of the sweets you could want. Macaroons, raspberry and white chocolate cake, brownies… we didn’t even manage to finish half of them! Shameful, but apparently quite normal. Luckily, they were more than happy to box the rest up for us.

It was so great to finally experience the spa that everyone has been raving about. My only regret is not being able to stay longer – we didn’t even have time to experience half of the facilities! But having something so wonderful and close in the Harrogate area means that I will definitely be back.

For anyone interested in a spa break, I could not recommend the Rudding Park Spa enough. And if you want to go for the whole shebang, the afternoon tea at the Clocktower restaurant is also delightful.

I hope you’re feeling inspired and itching to visit Rudding Park after this post! As always, thank you for reading – I’m still very much a blogging-newbie but I’m loving it and trying to do them more frequently. Keep your eyes peeled on my Facebook page!


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