Cocktail Masterclass for a Master of Cocktails

Cocktail Masterclass for a Master of Cocktails

It gets to that time of year when your birthday is coming up and you have to decide on the celebrations you want to do. You want it to involve friends, of course; family, absolutely, drinks, obviously – but what is there to do other than the usual drinks at a nice bar?

For someone who is usually in bed by 10 o’clock (okay guys, 9.30), I’m just not feeling the whole ‘pre’s and a night out’ birthday vibe anymore. Jeez, are these 23 years catching up on me or what?! Doing something in the day that both your friends and family can enjoy limits your options.

However, after a bit’o Googling, I came across the perfect idea – a cocktail masterclass. What’s not to love? Learning how to make cocktails while you drink cocktails. And even better, it’s more interactive than normal drinks and it’s something for everyone to enjoy. AND it can be done during the day – need I say more?

Cocktail Masterclass at All Bar One

Cocktail Making Masterclass

All Bar One is a relatively recent addition to Parliament Street in Harrogate. It’s a fairly classy establishment that is also super stylish (very ‘harrogate’), and has a great atmosphere. I didn’t have to think twice after booking a cocktail masterclass through them, especially as you were able to choose 3 cocktails of choice there and then… sold.

For just £25 each your party are taught the 3 cocktails chosen. I wasn’t really sure what to expect as I hadn’t done a cocktail masterclass before (which is surprising if you know my love for cocktails). However, it’s fair to say it exceeded my expectations!

We had a table reserved in the main bar area, which was nice as we still had the atmosphere from the rest of the bar, and all of the equipment and drinks were set up and ready to go! The barman teaching us the class was fun and friendly, which really made the experience great.

Cocktail Masterclass at All Bar One Harrogate

My chosen cocktails were a Gin Berry Cobbler, Cosmopolitan, and an Espresso Martini – I had to choose something with gin, cosmos always taste great, and then espresso in case I started to feel tired (because of my usual granny lifestyle). The class involved the barman talking us through the cocktail-making process of one cocktail at a time. It was then our turn to make it, and the fun part, drink it. We weren’t rushed between cocktails and it gave us plenty of time to schmooze in between!

It’s fair to say, I was a natural (cue cheesy photo of me kinda cocktail shaking, kinda not to avoid photo blur).

All Bar One Harrogate

The cocktails were great and we all felt pretty masterful afterwards (if you were to ask me how to make any of them, I have already forgotten). But the cocktails tasted great and the whole experience was bloody brilliant. We also reserved a table for food which was ready and waiting for us whenever we were ready. I hadn’t eaten there before but was very pleasantly surprised – the menu was extensive and the food was delicious (or was I drunk?). Either way, I was a happy birthday girl.

I could not recommend All Bar One’s cocktail making masterclass enough. It’s brilliant as something to do for an occasion. If you’re struggling to decide on a birthday party of Christmas party, look no further!

Birthday Outfit

You can’t talk about a birthday and not talk about the outfit… A white lace bodysuit from In The Style – which I am so impressed I didn’t spill any cocktail on, a faux leather mini skirt from Zara, and my trusty Primark boots. (Shoutout to my Mum for making our house so instagrammable).

I highly recommend both parts of this outfit for any gals searching for Christmas party inspiration – anything crisp and white is great around Christmas, and the Zara skirt is affordable, super soft, and comes in a variety of colours! The bare legs were a bold move in late November but hey, the cocktails helped to minimise the cold.

New Camera

Guys, my blogging game is about to enter a whole new level of what I like to call blogger-professionalism. That’s right, I have a new camera! I feel like a true blogger…

Expect to see lots of pictures, and hopefully I can up my Instagram game at the same time…

Thanks for reading guys. Don’t forget to follow my Facebook page for blog updates!


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