Autumn Knitwear Favourites

Autumn Knitwear Favourites

It’s official, it’s jumper weather.

Not that I’m going to pretend like I haven’t worn half of my jumpers through summer anyway, because let’s face it, it’s England. However, it’s a new season and so time for some new jumpers (any excuse). Does anyone else have the motto new season, new wardrobe, because I definitely do… though I’m sure my bank balance doesn’t appreciate it.

For a little nosy and current autumn go-to’s, keep reading!

The Baggy Grey Jumper 

Zara has my back this autumn (literally). Due to the lack of a Zara store in Harrogate – which by the way, you really need to sort out Zara, I got a bit spend-happy on a visit to the York store – au revoir money. 

I fell in love with this Zara jumper from the moment I spotted a bit of grey in the corner of my eye – I’m a grey fiend and have no shortage of grey clothing (as is painfully obvious from the outfit). This knit has a wonderfully over-sized fit with slightly ballooned sleeves. The material is stretchy, soft, and feels so comfortable to wear (plus, it can hide all food-related sins). Sloppy grey jumpers always come in handy, and although it might look like your average jumper from the front, the contrasting bow on the back is a nice touch.

The trousers are also from Zara, and are fantastic as they can be dressed down with trainers, dressed up with heels, or can even be worn to work. Wonderfully versatile and who does’t love a bit of sports luxe.

Price: £29.99

The Oversized Cropped Sweat 

Can I just say – Primark are absolutely killing it at the moment. I never thought I’d say that, but I now have so much Primark and I am totally owning it. This jumper is one of the softest jumpers I have – and I own a lot. The inside is slightly fleeced and so cosy. The shape of the sweater is meant to be over-sized, but I got a few sizes up to make it even more sloppy – this also means that I can wear it with low-rise jeans and don’t have to show any skin. Win, win. This jumper was £5… 5. Pounds. It’s no surprise that I got two (this could increase). The arms are actually the right length, but I always love to roll up the sleeves of my jumpers.

There is no colour more autumnal than a deep red, and so this jumper is a great autumnal-wardrobe feature. Paired with casual jeans and white pumps and jobs a good’un! (This outfit looks slightly better when less windswept).

Price: £5.00

The Tie Back Knit 

For anyone that knows me, it’s no surprise that my dog Dexter has photobombed these pics. It’s okay though, it brings the cuteness levels up a few notches. 

Olive has become one of the biggest Autumn colour tones this year and I love it. This Next knit is perfect for adding a little pattern and colour to your wardrobe. The contrast of the olive-green, crisp white, and deep navy is striking and flattering, and the jumper itself is lovely and cosy. I’m not sure if I have short arms or the jumper has long arms, but I found that rolling the sleeves up a little gave the best fit.

Screen Shot 2017-10-15 at 18.28.31

The front of the jumper is exciting enough, but there is a full on party going on at the back. The tie-back is a great feature that makes this jumper extra special. Although it is very open – which is fine if you’re feeling a little risk-ay – it looks just as nice with a vest top underneath.

Again, I think this is great simply paired with casual ripped jeans and white trainers. But I can imagine it would also look good dressed slightly smarter with darker jeans and heeled boots – for occasions a little more fanshy.

Price: £32.00

The Chenille Sweater  

This material is e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e in this year’s A/W collections. When I say this jumper is the softest jumper I own and have ever owned, it is no exaggeration – the velvety material is heavenly. Since purchasing this jumper from Zara, I’ve seen similar ones in most high street shops. However, the fit and feel of the Zara version is by far the nicest I have seen.

These types of jumper come in all sorts of colours, but you can’t go wrong with a bit of cream. The fit is tremendously oversized, which makes it even cosier and très chic. It’s quite long so is great to throw over dark leggings and pumps, but also looks nice with casual jeans. This is why I love jumpers, they’re so versatile.

Price: £29.99

I hope you enjoyed my first non-food-or-gin-related blog post (I miss the gin). Please give my Facebook page a like if you want to keep updated – I promise there will be more food, gin, and non-food or gin related posts to come!


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