September Food Round-Up


Foodie definition:

A person with a particular interest in food; a gourmet.

“she is an avid foodie”

Or as Urban Dictionary would put it…

A person who has no actual interests or hobbies.

“Oh that’s really interesting! me? Hmmm let’s see, let me describe myself… well.. I guess I would consider myself a real foodie”

I didn’t realise how much of a “foodie” I was until looking back through my photos and realising how many times I ate out in September… no regrets.

I wish I could say this was research for blog-purposes, but the sad reality is that there is nothing I would rather spend my time or money on than eating food. But even though this wasn’t about me trying places to recommend to you, I would certainly recommend them all – so we’re all winners here.

First Up, Stuzzi

Stuzzi restaurant in Harrogate

A relatively new discovery but one of my new favourite food places. This restaurant knocks any other Italian restaurant out of the park, it’s extremely unique in its set-up and feel, and the fresh and ever-changing menu is unbeatable.

The whole idea with Stuzzi is that you order a few small Italian plates and share – Italian-style tapas. This works extremely well for their menu as you get to try multiple dishes instead of one… the dream.

The star of the show is Arancini, fried risotto balls (the biggest fried risotto balls you will ever see) packed full of flavour. I cannot recommend these enough! Their recent feather blade steak flattened and stuffed with provolone cheese & salami is also beautiful. If you’re looking for some new places to eat out in Harrogate, add Stuzzi to the list. 

The West Park Hotel 

The West Park Hotel is a firm family favourite, particularly for birthdays and celebrations. The drinks are great, the food is greater, and the surroundings are lovely.

Everything on their menu is tantalising to the tastebuds, but on this particular occasion, the beef carpaccio and pea and mint ravioli were the food of choice. The beef carpaccio is beautifully light and the perfect balance of sweet and salty. The main of ravioli might seem simple to some, but it’s genuinely one of the best pasta dishes I have ever tasted. The immensely creamy sauce and flavours are every pasta-lovers dream.

Filmore & Union

FilmoreFilmore is always a great lunch place but I hadn’t been in over a year. This healthy food place is full of fresh and energising goodness, filled with delightful flavours. This is a great lunch cafe to be able to grab a quick bite to eat of something that is a hell of a lot more satisfying and filling than your supermarket sandwich.

The dish I had was ‘The Bench Press’ Goodness Bowl – sounds intimidating (even as a gym-goer), but it was delish. Containing the likes of quinoa, avocado, poached egg, and sweet potato, it also came with peanut butter chicken schnitzel. It’s definitely a different food option, but why go out to eat and not try something new?

The Square and Compass

The Square and Compass lunch
The Square and Compass is a lovely pub in North Rigton. Although I had never visited before, I’d heard great things. I had two courses – naturally – but the starter was definitely the star of the show. Ah, the classic asparagus and poached egg, but better than most.

I’m a sucker for this option, usually aware that it’s extremely light and always left wanting more. However, these were some healthy-sized asparagus and it came with an even healthier dollop of divine hollandaise sauce and parmesan shavings. It had a lot more flavour than this option usually does, and it was a lot more filling too…

I’ve got cravings just typing this. 


Baltzersens lunch, Harrogate
A wonderful Scandinavian-inspired cafe in the centre of Harrogate. Nicely situated relatively close to my workplace (not so nice for my bank balance), I get sucked in by this place far too often.

Their open sandwiches are always a tempting option for hearty food that isn’t too filling, but certainly filling enough. Their meatballs and fried onion are my usual, but this time I ventured towards their halloumi, apple & radish relish, and pea shoots sandwich… no regrets here. This cafe is perfect for those looking for a nice Harrogate lunch in the centre of town.

Update: soup is back on their menu and it’s giving me all the autumn-feels.

Le Pain Quotidian

Le Pain Quotidian 
Probably the best food-related surprise of September. It’s great going into a food place with no expectations, and being extremely and pleasantly surprised. This new cafe in Leeds holds a lovely place in the new(ish) Victoria Gate in Leeds.

We were seated at a lovely table overlooking the entrance of Victoria gate – perfect for people watching. The people are so friendly and the food was amazing. Avocado on toast with feta cheese… a simple option made tastier by fresh French bread. The other option a roasted vegetable and goats cheese tartine – my mum got the same thing a few weeks later so that says it all. They pride themselves on organic food that does not disappoint in flavour.

So there you have it, a play by play of my unhealthy obsession with food. 

Joking aside though, all of these places are brilliant. If you’re looking for somewhere new to eat out, these cafes and restaurants should be on the list.



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