The Most Instagrammable Brunch in Harrogate

The Wild Plum Brunch, Harrogate

I‘ve been talking about this brunch ever since I had it, and I’ve been craving it ever since I had it too…

It doesn’t take a second look at the above photo to understand why this has to be the most instagrammable brunch in Harrogate. If you haven’t already been to The Wild Plum, it definitely needs to be on your Harrogate bucket list. I was already a lover of their nearly-too-pretty-to-eat food, but they have upped their game to a whole new level with their new brunch menu.

If you’ve read my previous blog, you will already know just how much I love brunch (the best thing humans have ever created, to be exact). I had the pleasure of meeting head chef at The Wild Plum, Bethany, at Christian’s cafe opening a few weeks ago. Since then she sent me a heads up about the new brunch menu, and hallelujah that she did.

Let’s Talk Food

The Wild Plum Brunch, Harrogate

I had to assess the menu beforehand (and stalk their instagram feed) to prepare myself for the big decision of deciding what to eat… sweet or savoury is one of life’s hardest decisions.

Everything from home cured Slingsby’s Gin salmon, to breakfast pancakes and waffles, this brunch menu has everything for all foodies out there. And good news folks, their brunch is served all day (all day brunchmy favourite words).

I chose their Corn Fritter, a sumptuous combination featuring streaky smoked bacon, poached egg, fresh spinach, roasted tomatoes, smashed avocado, chilli jam, and hollandaise sauce – a decision I highly recommend. It was honestly the most amazing combination of flavours, and the beautiful plate and flowers are just a pretty bonus.

My mum (who would never have let me try a new brunch menu without her) had the sensational breakfast pancakes – served with eggs, maple syrup, and bacon. I’m all about fluffy pancakes and The Wild Plum have executed these ones to p e r f e c t i o n.

Breakfast pancakes at The Wild Plum, Harrogate

If you haven’t been before, this incredible coffee shop is above Snooty Frox, a Harrogate boutique. Although an addition to this family-run business, The Wild Plum is a coffee shop that has certainly become its own entity. With locally-sourced food that is this instagrammable, and a menu this good, word spreads – fast. This is evident in the number of people who have asked me about this place since I posted an Instagram of this brunch.

If you’re looking to try somewhere new and want to see what all the brunch-hype is about, you won’t regret a visit to The Wild Plum. It’s the kind of food you just can’t get from a chain cafe or restaurant. Get there early though, word is spreading fast!The first letter of this paragraph will have a dropcap.



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      It’s definitely worth a visit!

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