Great Harrogate Bars on The Ginnel

Great Harrogate Bars on The Ginnel

There’s no shortage of cool bars to visit in Harrogate, but it can be tempting to return to the same ones over and over. After hearing about two new bar openings on The Ginnel (and after much stalking on Instagram), I decided to check them out… you know, for blog purposes.

Foundry Project

‘The happiest place in Harrogate’ 

Foundry Project, Harrogate

I’d been dying to try this place from the moment I saws its industrial-style interior (endless Instagram opportunities). The cool decor oozes casual comfort that goes nicely  with their selection of drinks. With fantastic lights and plenty of space, Foundry Project has been expertly designed with many seating areas that possess their own style and unique features.Foundry Project, Harrogate

I definitely recommend my cocktail of choice – the Chelsea Iced Tea (Foundry Project feels like something out of Chelsea so why not go for the whole shebang). If a concoction of gin, tea and herbiscous wasn’t already a winning combination, it also came with a rich tea biscuit… every food-lover’s dream (it’s the little things in life).

If you’re looking for a great drinks menu, cool and casual surroundings with a friendly atmosphere, I strongly recommend Foundry Project.

Major Tom’s Social

‘Youth group for grown ups’

Major Tom's Social, Harrogate

Literally next door to Foundry Project is Major Tom’s Social. Although this has been resident on The Ginnel for a few years, my trips to Harrogate have never taken me there before. But, as per usual, I got attracted by rumours of a good gin selection.

Okay so trying to describe the interior is pretty hard… it’s definitely unique. For starters, I have never been to a bar that contains a full-sized statue of a spacesuit (maybe this is a thing?!). This super casual bar is like being back at uni; it’s the type of place you could chill in for ages and feel totally comfortable – partly because of the vibes, and partly because they have board games that could entice you for the whole evening.

Major Tom's Social, Harrogate

The casual feel and quirky decor are paired with a good selection of drinks, all reasonably priced. They specialise in craft beers and ale, but their gin did not disappoint, nor did the size of their glasses…

Major Tom’s is ideal if you want something a little different with a good, friendly feel. You definitely wouldn’t expect an independent bar like this in Harrogate, but it’s a refreshing addition to the Harrogate bar scene.

Porco Rosso 

Porco Rosso, Harrogate
You only have to stumble a few steps from Major Tom’s Social and past Foundry Project to reach this lovely bar – and it may well be stumbling at this point, if you have fallen victim to the gin and cocktails at Foundry Project and Major Tom’s Social beforehand.

It might only be a few steps away from Major Tom’s, but Porco Rosso is extremely different. Being the sister bar to Stuzzi, this bar has the same welcoming feel and passionate staff as its restaurant counterpart does.

Stepping foot into the beautiful interior feels like walking into a very inviting, well-organised wine cellar. Emanating an underground vibe the painted brickwork, fab music, dim lighting, and beautiful decor produce a great atmosphere.

Now for the important stuff – the drinks. Well straight away, you are welcomed by an impressive red wine collection set behind a glass wall that is well lit (great backdrop for cocktail pictures, might I add). They do have a stealthy wine selection and some amazing cocktails. I went on a recommendation to try the ‘White Lady’ which was hella good. They pride themselves on including no artificial ingredients – just pure juices and alcohol goodness (does this make them healthy?).

Porco Rosso, Harrogate
This place is a classy affair but still manages to make you feel extremely comfortable. I would have happily stayed here all evening if the hunger wasn’t starting to kick in… they do have some food options but if you’re looking for a restaurant, definitely walk over to Stuzzi and indulge in their a m a z i n g Italian dishes.

These bars couldn’t be more different in terms of style, but they have a few crucial things in common: great drinks, cool interiors, brilliant atmosphere.


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