Harrogate’s Gin of the Moment

Harrogate’s Gin of the Moment

This summer has well and truly been the summer of gin. And although summer is already a thing of the past and Autumn is practically here, the gin drinking must go on…

If you’re looking for a new gin to try or just another gin to add to the collection, I have just the answer(s) – there’s room for two bottles, right?

Starting the summer in true gin (and Harrogate) fashion, I went to a gin evening at West Park hotel and got educated on all things gin – but not just gin, local Harrogate gin.

If supporting local businesses means supporting gin, I guess I’ll take it.

Slingsby Gin

The Spirit of Harrogate

Slingsby Gin - Spirit of Harrogate

Slingsby’s was the brand that converted me to G&T life (thanks for introducing me to an unhealthy love of gin to the point of no return). Capturing the ‘spirit of Harrogate’, you need to try this drink. Specifically their Rhubarb gin. The perfect blend of sweetness and a hint of bitterness from the 24 botanicals is incredibly refreshing – and far too easy to drink.

It will come as no surprise that a gin this great came out of Yorkshire – with a combination of local botanicals, Harrogate spring water, and Yorkshire rhubarb, there’s something strangely satisfying about drinking something local.

The recommended tonic for this spirit is Fever Tree’s Elderflower tonic, and this combination is honestly insane.

Harrogate Gin

Otterly marvellous gin…

Harrogate Gin

If you could put Harrogate into a gin – this would be it. Combine a bit of Yorkshire with a dash of class and you have Harrogate Gin

Explained: Fresh botanicals from Harlow Carr combined with Lavender, Pink Grapefruit and Harrogate Spring Water (aka a bit of Yorkshire with a dash of class…).

It’s hard to pinpoint the exact feature that makes this Harrogate gin so great – although the people blending it will no doubt guard the secret to this – but as soon as you taste it you are hit with the perfect blend of a crisp and smooth flavour.

Now this is where I can part my limited gin wisdom – applauded by the connoisseur of Harrogate gin himself, my gin-tastic Mother created the heavenly combination of Harrogate gin and Fever Tree’s Mediterranean tonic with blackberries and rosemary – so good that he noted down the combination himself. Because the gin and tonic combination is clean and simple, these two botanicals add the perfect additional flavours.

I can assure you that this will be the first of many gin posts – I guess I’m going to have to set myself a mission of trying lots of gins…

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    Passing them on to my best friend, a gin aficionado.

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