Supporting Our Favourite Cafe

Supporting Our Favourite Cafe

So last night was a hugely exciting night for one of my favourite local businesses, Christian’s Cafe. This Cafe bar has previously been resident in Pannal at Crimple Hall, one of the last places you would expect to find such a place (it was certainly a welcome surprise when I had been dragged around the garden centre looking at plants that, I’m sorry, all look completely the same). However, their new venture has taken them to the market town of Knaresborough.

Christian’s cafe is loved for its friendly buzz, stylishly industrial interior, great lighting and ambience and, of course, insane food. Would the new place be able to live up to all of this? Well, obviously.

Greeted by a friendly face and glasses of prosecco, their new brunch bar is everything you want it to be – and more. Firstly, no one else could pull off a huge grizzly bear painted onto the wall.

Christian's Cafe Interior

But more importantly, the whole interior has been so well-designed. With the wonderful combination of crisp white walls and dark accents, the space has been perfectly paired with copper features. This business is most certainly going to be keeping their status as one of the most instagrammable places in the area.

Naturally, I headed straaaaight over to the food menu. Why waste time?!

Christian's Cafe Brunch

Can I just say, brunch is one of the best things that humans have created on this planet. Ever.

Eggs, bacon, avocado, carbs… it doesn’t get better than brunch. No surprise then, that I was won over by the menu at Christian’s brunch bar. Everything from your classic Eggs Benedict to delicious pancakes, it’s the ideal brunch menu.

The options are nice and simple, with hearty food that is locally sourced and extremely tempting.

We got a little taster of some of the options and they were h e a v e n. So many delicious flavours for such classic recipes.

(P.s. can we take a moment to appreciate how instagrammable their plates are.)

If this new cafe wasn’t exciting enough, Christian announced that they have another exciting adventure ahead of them – taking over an old and treasured pub in Knaresborough, Blind Jack’s. With the intention of keeping the beloved features of this pub and enhancing its assets, they have created a kickstarter campaign to make this dream a reality.

It’s exciting times for the business and everyone who loves it. Looking forward to seeing where their business goes and can’t wait for the many, many brunches along the way.

The timing of this event coincided with my decision to try blogging, so it made sense to feature it in my first ever post on here!



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